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Topsheet Rapair Help

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Im needing help on how to repair a deep hole whats went right through the topsheet exposing the wooden core of my rossi sctach bc 04/05 model.
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From a marine supply store, get a gel-coat repair kit. Try to mix the colors to match your ski and fill in the hole. Look here
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Here's the stuff I've used -

Worked great.

P.S. I just happened to check the link above after I posted this and it's the same product. Too funny.
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A good mixed epoxy works well also. Be sure the wound is thoroughly dry before repairing it.
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West Marine & BoatUS are the same company now.
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Epoxy or polyester resin will do the trick. Gelcoat is a form of polyester resin. If you do epoxy, make sure it's quality marine-grade like West Marine or Miapoxy and not 5 minute LePage stuff.

If you know any sailors, talk to them and they can probably hook you up.

There's also a form of epoxy called marinetex. It's white, very hard, thick, comes in small quantities and is easyish to work with. If you wanna avoid having to buy like 1 L of epoxy, that could be the way to go.

Check out a hardware store, and if not a marine store should have what you're looking for.

Or you could send it into a shop and it might end up cheaper than buying the stuff yourself. This stuff tends to be extremely pricey and if you're only using a small amount, it's sorta wasteful to drop $30 when the shop could do a nice job for $10.
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