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That was a little harsh. The price thing is just one issue here. They are poor custodians of the wilderness. I do not like the way Vail does things in general. And others feel the same way.
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Originally Posted by freeskinow
Some one should burn down the rest of their lodges. The heart of ugly America.
Careful with the patriot act may be some scary people knocking on your door after that comment. Let me guess, you read the book, "Powder Burn" Good book
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Originally Posted by Coach13
That is a good point regarding golf.

Throw in the fact that I've yet to ruin a set of skis beating them on a tree or throwing them in a pond, and there's another money saver.

See...skiing's cheap by comparison.
what, you can't swim?

...wait, don't tell me. it was dyed dark green. the water, I mean.
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Deal with it....

If ya can't stand the heat don't go in the kitchen.......
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Originally Posted by migibs
The problem I have is these big companies Vail Resorts, Intrawest, etc have shareholders to answer to.
They must be doing something right cause their stock(mtn) has gone up 38% since I bought it in April of this year.
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