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Originally Posted by hrstrat57
As you stroll from the parking lot to the lodge what one single thing comes to mind that you might see which would cause you to think "jong" or "now there's a gaper"???

For me the choice is clear...


How about those hairy Sasquatch boots? Haven't seen them for a while but I'm sure you know what I'm talking about... Imagine Chewbacca's legs cut off at the knees and stuck on a snow bunny:.

Another good one I saw last week was a LARGE first time boarder in grey sweatpants:. I'm sure the wet spot after the first few falls was the size of Rhode Island.
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Originally Posted by ragin' cajun'
Down in cajun country we leave out the "are" ....WHERE YOU AT????
AH - EEEEEE !!!!
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-boarders dragging the board along the pavement through the parking lot
-people who think watching the olympics is enough instruction for them and can be seen in psuedo-tuck on beginner and intermediate runs
-people who sit in the middle of a trail(usually frat boy boarders)
-nastar racing in a speed suit
-beginner with top o' the line equipment wondering why he cant turn
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recent gaper sighting

Recent classic gaper viewing....

Pulled into Wachusett Mountain parking lot which is very organized as is everything there, myriad attendants parking cars all neatly in a row with smiles on their faces. Pulled into my spot about 7:25 AM as directed and immediately noticed the folks next to me were being held up by a 50ish man and his son sitting on the back pickup truck bed installing their gear for the day, the man was struggling to get his boots on. The attendent politely said "sir you have to put your boots on in the lodge you are blocking this gentleman (luckily for him not me!!) from his parking spot" The clown replied "well he is just going to have to wait isn't he?" The attendant, as probably is specified by Wachusett in the job desciption, avoided confrontation and walked away shaking his head in puzzlement. The man in the car being held up continued to wait patiently(hero of the day) while a crowd, myself included at this point, gathered. This had continued while we shouldered all of our gear, probably 5 minutes at least. My daughter asked what is that guy doing....and heard clearly by all was the comment uttered by a man next to me who said "what a freakin gaper!" Other comments were of course less polite...all agreed the gentleman being held up by this circus was a saint. Due to the wisdom of my advancing age only, I walked away.....figuring if the one being wronged was being patient, it was not my fight. Verbal jousting between the gaper and the gathering crowd could be heard as I wisely retreated.

Now the best part. Observed before I walked away, the man was putting on a pair of those mid 80's grey/pink Lange boots with the zip up ratchet type buckles. The boy(probably about 15) had R/E boots already installed and one of those multi prong goofy hat thingys on from about 10 years ago. Both had quite a high percentage of mixed neon colors in their mismatched attire. Leaning up against the pickup were 2 pair of old school skis. The pair I could clearly see were late 80's Rossi STS probably about 185's with what appeared to be Soloman 547 or 657 bindings. None of this is a problem of course, I actually love neon.

Both pair of skis were safety clamped into......you guessed it......for safe secure transport to the slopes...


I can't make this stuff up.....:

I never saw them on the hill, I doubt they got past Ralph's run....
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Wish I had a camera yesterday at Jiminy Peak. A guy with his 2 kids. Kids looked pretty normal. Guy had gear circa early 80's, jeans tucked nicely into the boots, a jacket that looked like it came from working in a garage, a multi-colored flanel hood from his sweater on his head, and huge thick fur gloves that went almost up to his elbows. I give him (a little) credit though, I saw him hit the jumps and bumps - not gracefully, but he lived.

Also saw a woman in neon pink fartbag, snowplowing down an icy black diamond.

Later in the day, saw both gapers in the lift line so close to each other that I could have gotten both in one picture - priceless.
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just a reminder!

Each and every one of us here started out our "ski careers" as GAPERS.

Period .... end of story.

We have all had our "newbee" moments.

Except me. It's not that I didn't have them. I'm just too old to remember them.

Some, were just very lucky to have an ex-gaper guide them:

Fred ... honest, you don't put your boots on in the car.

Fred ... don't put the lift ticket on yer' jacket zipper. When it's up yer' nose ..

Fred ... I know you wanna' buy good gear for your first time .. put the SG poles down.

Fred ... ________________ add your lines here.
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One I learned on my first day skiing:

Fred ... I know you just aced your intro to skiing lesson, and survived two runs down the bunny hill, but before heading to the top of the mountain by yourself, you may want to practice on some easy blues and learn to read a trail map first.
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Fred, The buckles go to the outside.

No, Fred, there is no left and right ski. They're both the same.

No, Fred, NO! Put.. the.. ski.. tote.. down!

Fred, please don't wear your (rear entry) ski boots to the bar:
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True most of us were gapers when we started, but some people continue to gape.
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I Believe ...

... I'm a gaper!! Well, I don't mean to be, I don't think! True story, I just moved to Western PA and a lady in my church knew that I was interested in skiing, so she gave me a ... ski tote!! When she gave it to me I thought what is the point of this?!

Now for my real gaper story!! I have only been skiing for about 5-6 years. My first time skiing was with my sister on a very cold December in Ohio! Her local "mountain", Mad River, had good conditions (not that we knew the difference!) and we decided to give it a shot at their midnight madness deal. I didn't have the right stuff, so my dad says, hey, try my carharts! I'm like, okay, sounds good! Well, at least they were warm. Too warm! It was about 5 above zero and (F) and I was burning up! Then for the rentals. We had no clue. I didn't even know what a binding was. I couldn't skate and thought you had to put your skis on immediately out of the building! My ski wouldn't stay on and we caught the lift to the top. Man was the next hour ugly. Lessons? Who needs those! I am a decent athlete and figured, how hard could this possibly be? I found out the hard way. We finally found a father teaching his little girl how to ski. As my sister and I were laying in the snow trying to figure out what to do, we began to listen to him. The next 1 1/2 we followed them up and down the mountain. At the end of the night we were beginning to get it and even told him thank you for the "lesson". I look back now and realize someone had a great laugh at those two gapers having yardsales all over Mad River Mtn. Since then, we have both been hooked. Even my wife, a native of Georgia, loves it!

Based on what you all have said, I think the idea of a gaper is an attitude, what do you think? We were having a blast, and didn't know any better! The folks out to impress everyone with everything except their ability to actually ski, well ...

6 years later, I may still be a gaper. I am still not very good, look like my gear just came out of the box, but I just want to get better. Maybe, one day, I won't be a gaper anymore. Or will I?

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Chris, your post made me laugh out loud. Just last week, my daughter and I were remembering when we first learned (me skiing, her snowboarding), what we wore, what we did, and just laughed and laughed. My first ski instructor later told me that my outfit was “very unusual!” But like you said, who cares: we were having fun and ultimately I got hooked on it too.

I still gape… at the mountains—they just take my breath away and they’re right in my front yard. I gape at skiers who move effortlessly over terrain I dream about even trying...ah, still a gaper at heart?
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sugarcube ...

That reminds me of the time my wife talks me into snowboarding because, in her words, "they look so cool" ... Ah, well, after an hour of landing on our butts, I look up and see my wife rip her rental board off her boots and literally chuck it down the hill! After we found it we went and got skis!! O, the great memories!!

I was riding with two snowboarders yesterday and was a little afraid they would give me a hard time for not being more aggressive or hip. Funny how they just thought it was cool we were all having a good time!

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Now, I came into this one late in the game... and didn't read the entire thread... but did anyone say Metrons?
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Not yet... :

Race stock skis, DIN 18, plug boots... skiing on a couple hundred vertical feet.
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First let me say, I've been a gaper. (And part of that time I was a ski instructor) So there.

Anyway, I was putting on my METRONS when this lady came by with her young son. She was saying that the snow was soft and slushy. I said that we call it mashed potatos. She said, "Oh, thats neat, I'll remember that." Then I noticed her "ski clothes," tight fitting denim jeans tucked into the top of her rental boots. Suddenly things came to light.
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Originally Posted by ssh
Race stock skis, DIN 18, plug boots... skiing on a couple hundred vertical feet.
Sometimes we even count our vertical ten feet at a time... Sad but true. you know not how lucky you are...


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i came to the slopes, sometime in the late 80's with my ski tote lock and it locked to a ski rack as i skied all day. then when i went to retrieve i saw about fifty others ,same color and i didn't think, duh , to label mine. i left it there feeling pretty silly since i made very little mental note of where it was since there were none when i left it there
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Missing posts

Did a set of posts get deleted from this thread? Strange...or is it just me...
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Are you thinking about this thread?

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Originally Posted by T-Square
Are you thinking about this thread?

Yep...my confusion. :
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gaped... girl in bikini top. wasn't all that smooth but looked good doing it. skin was all pink, looked kinda chilly. wasn't sunny much , then got colder and clouds moved in
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Originally Posted by GarryZ
gaped... girl in bikini top. wasn't all that smooth but looked good doing it. skin was all pink, looked kinda chilly. wasn't sunny much , then got colder and clouds moved in
You live in Liberty Lake? We're neighbors... I live in Mead!!!

Were did you witness this thing of beauty?
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schweitzer. i heard from an instructor she does this often. prob will be there sat again as i will be.getting slushy on bottom but good exercise in skiing different textures. just when you are balanced nicely something new gets thrown under you. met some folks on lift from mead , nice people
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Sounds fun!!! Enjoy!!! I'm out for the season though with a broken heel...

Speaking of Liberty Lake, it's my favorite part of town (due to the two golf courses). Although it'll be a while till I do that either.
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it just makes me cringe seeing skis being carried without velcro straps when they start to scissor....

up here we call those people gorbs (like al GORE + bs), or gorbo, and so on...
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Can a long time skier, instructor, turn into a gaper in her 80's?

If so, I was getting on the lift with my so and her mother, high speed quad, she sits down way before the chair has finished making it's turn, just as a stranger slides up to make it a foursome.

He ends up squashed between her and my so (on my left) kind of on her mom's lap, sticking off the chair. Lift op is laughing hard and doesn't slow down the chair which takes off with this poor guy hanging off the chair yelling to slide over. This is impossible because their skis are hooked together. I reach over and put my hand on his stomach to hold him on the chair.

Eventually he is safe.

I will never forget seeing my future mother-in-law sitting down in the chair as it is still turning and this poor guy ending in her lap.
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This word Gaper is new to me. I think 'the shoe fits'. The boy has been heard to mutter the word in my presence. I also think he's referred to me as a squirrel. I hope that that is a complement.

Anyway, the reason I could be a gaper: In the parking lot I stick my ski poles into the boot, side by side. Then I put the poles over my shoulder and add my skis. So my skis, boots and poles are all on one shoulder. I never bring a bag to the lodge. I have never seen anyone do that and I have carried my stuff this way since the 70's.

I can carry 4 pair of skis this way and it makes me not feel like a squirl.
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I remember a parent leaving their kids skis and boots in our office so they would be there for the next day. Put to boots on the floor then stuck a ski in each boot so the boots and skis wouldn't get separated. Only thing was the ski were still packed with snow and ice and were draining into the boots.

I mentioned to the parent that this might not be the ideal thing to do. I sorta got that look of "what are you talking about?" After they left, I took the skis out of the boots. I wasn't thinking of the kid, I was thinking of the next instructor that would have to deal with the kid with wet feet.
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shameless bump, let's stoke this baby up for 2007

someone mentioned they use ski totes: for locking their ski's in the "how do you keep you ski's safe" thread.

what's your sure fire "gaper" indicator?

for me it is still....


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Originally Posted by hrstrat57 View Post
shameless bump, let's stoke this baby up for 2007
Very shameless, but acceptable. This is a fun thread.

A new one for you: neck wallets.
(sorry Joseph Graham, you asked for that http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=43226)
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