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Keystone expansion

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Article in the summit daily:


The article says "north aspect of Keystone mountain (south of Erickson bowl)" - I think they mean north of Erickson bowl.

Looks like this will just be cat skiing for now. Not sure how well this terrain would work as "hike to". Either have to hike uphill what you just skied down or have a long hike out (over 2 miles) of Jones Gulch which is questionable because of the wildlife study.

I've only been up that drainage in the summer but the terrain on the north facing aspects actually looks pretty good. Not a ton of vert but better than north/south bowls.
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It's too bad Keystone doesn't get the good snow - they have great terrain, but always seem to come up short on the storms. Winter Park has had over 2' more snow than Keystone this season. That's significant.
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I believe WP started counting their snow before they opened. Who knows if Keystone did or didn't. That being said, 104" for Keystone during before the first week of December isn't bad. They've got 2700 acres open, and their coverage is just as good as anyone else's. That place is a great mountain when they get the snow, and they've got the snow this year. (anti jinx)
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I hear what you're saying - everyone has snow this year, but I've been watching the reports very closely over the past 5 seasons and one of the chief reasons I switched my season passon over to Copper/WP is because of the better snow quality and higher accumulations than Keystone.

Like I said, I love Keystone's mountains, but I got tired of seeing great snow reports (and experiencing them a few days a season) at the other mountains. I tore up multiple pairs of skis at A-Basin and I don't like the mountain layout or lift system at Breck. It just didn't make sense to keep my pass at those mountains when I was enjoying Copper and Jane so much more AND they had the better snow to go with it.
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Both good points. Yes, keystone lacks in the snowfall totals that everyone else gets (pesky tenmile and gore ranges are in the way - and some say lake dillon has an early season effect as well). I am still happy to see that they will be introducing more northfacing terrain. Interestingly enough, they also have the north sides of Independence and Bear mountains in their permit area, and there is even better terrain and vert on those sides of the mtns. I doubt that they will expand into there for many, many years though.
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