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Old skis gone flat?

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I've some Atomic 9.20s, bought new model year 1999-2000, that have seen about 150 days on the slopes. I joined a race league last year and have been using this ski. These were my first shape ski and of course I bought them a bit too long - they are 190cm and I'm 6'1" and 195 lbs. The first year 9.20s were the stiffest, I've read. Mid-season this year I began to suspect that I wasn't getting the edge grip that I needed from these skis. I've always tuned them carefully (3/1 per spec) and their camber seems good. Anyway, I recently got some Rossi 9x's in a 184 length and I now see what I've been missing. The difference is edge grip is huge - too much to be just ski design/purpose.

My question: Are these Atomics just seriously whooped, tired, used-up? Or do I simply lack the skills, weight or strength to properly bend them? I'm a lower level 8 skier and have quite suddenly moved from a 30-33 handicap to 24-26 in my league with the new ski. I can outrigger a great carved turn on ice with the Rossis that would have had me sliding for the woods on the Atomics. I never noticed a deterioration in preformance on the Atomics, but I didn't start racing them until last year. The Rossi isn't even a current model - they are the 10.2 Pros - but they are new and fresh.
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Like your last line, "new and fresh" Yes at about 60 ski days you'll begin to notice the skis haviing less edge hold. A general rule is about 100 days is max life on most skis.
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Put each pair base to base and compare spacing. You'll probably find the Atomics are just about kicked.
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Thanks for your reply. I'm relieved to hear it's the skis that are old and tired - not necessarily the skier. I had often heard of skis going flat but had assumed it would show as lost camber or loss of livelyness and rebound. Loss of edge hold when skiing race courses in the icey Mid-West is far more serious. Looks like I may have to modify my approach to Ebay purchases. OK to buy last years model, but best if they are still in their wrappers. Puts a little more 'edge' on the arguments about wood core skis being more durable too.
I am enjoying my new GS skis alot. I've discovered I'm a better skier and racer than I thought I was. Nice not to be the team's back marker anymore.
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Yes, I hated to admit that my Volkl G31's were worn out, I loved thoes skis. I was taking the kids jacket shopping one night when one of them found a pair of last years G3's in my size for $399.00 I couldn't pass them up. Now I love them more than the G31's.
New skis are wonderful.
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smithby, how often to do replace your kid's skis. I have a 15 yr old daughter who races twice a week and skis 4 days a week for 2-3 hour a night.
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