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TR: Breck Monday 12/5/05

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Monday I had the tremendous blessing of skiing with Uncle Louie at Breck all day. We covered most of the open terrain on the mountains, from the south side of Peak 10 to the north side of Peak 8 and the T-bar. Peak 7 was still unopened. We also took one ride up the Imperial chair.

The snow was..."interesting"...in places. Given UL's history at Breck, he knew a lot of interesting shots. However, some of those open snowfields turned out to be 4" deep wind slab over powder. No complaints; I haven't laughed that hard while skiing in a long time. We were just giggling. Let me just say that all of my "finesse" and "modern technique" couldn't hold a candle to the challenges of breaking through that slab! I did manage to ski it without windmilling down the run. But...

Louie called it a fall. I prefer to think of it as a "sit". I think I did really well to make it through that stuff with only the one "oof". It wasn't uncommon for us to come to a complete stop in what would normally be "explosive" powder drifts. They had much more mass than usual!

We had a grand time arcing down the groomers, too, playing games like synchro-skiing. We were trenching under the chairs and doing track analysis on the way back up. Not a lot of tech talk, though... mostly just a couple of crazy, passionate skiers playing on a giant mountain with more snow for this time of year than I have ever seen.

Get out there and ski! Colorado's early season has been epic. It was cold, though, with UL finding white on my cheeks late in the day (even though I grew up in Michigan and skied for a few years in Vermont/NY, I've never had the telltale frostbite signs before--as far as I know). Some of us also had these on Tuesday... but that's another post...
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Sounds like a good day Steve. I really wish I was out there. I want to move out there so badly after I leave the military next year. I just have to talk my wife into leaving now that we're settled nicely in our house here. See ya in April!
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When are they opening peak 7 bowls and groomers?
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