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Costco Rental Car FYI

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If you belong to Costco you can get a great deal on a SUV rental from Alamo through the end of the year. I just booked a standard SUV picking up at Denver airport on Dec 12th returning Dec 17th (5 day rental). In addition to the Costco discount you can also take an additional $25 off. The total for my rental with taxes is $190 ($135 base, darn taxes ). Thats unbelievable. The savings was at least $60, now thats a free day of skiing.

Here is the link:

http://www.alamo.com/index.do?source=costcotravel&action=hotDealsTempla te.do&msg=affil_costco_offer

Now I'm not sure if you have to show your Costco ID when you pickup, but I will update this post Monday night once I get into Dillon. If not it could be had by all.
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migibs: Thanks, that's not a bad discount. However, it was unclear from their web site when the promotion ends. In fact, I was able to use the discount to get a better deal on a car I booked for January.
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No expiration on the discount, but the additional $25 off ends December 31st.
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