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Worth moving from Head S8 to S10?

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I bought a pair of Head S8s last year from a reputable store and was told by a celebrated bootfitter that Head S8s (flex index 66/76) would suit my needs as an expert skier just fine. I have a wide forefoot and a narrow heel. The Head S series last was the best fitting of all I tried from a range of manufacturers. I shored the heel up with some c-pads but still the boot has become rather loose and unresponsive - the length and width of the shell is as good a match for my funny feet (low, wide forefoot, narrow heel) as I could get. I know that my foot shape ideally calls for custom foam liners, and I'm happy to invest in these. Before I do, however, I was wondering whether I should really bite the financial bullet and upgrade to the S10 (same last, harder flex) boot while I'm at it, since I'm concerned that the S8 flex is too soft and adding to the unresposiveness problem, especially on steep terrain. My last boots were rock solid and I have little understanding of modern flex theory. What I'm trying to ask, in a very convoluted way, is:

1. Does anybody have relevant experience of both boots?
2. Will changing a flex from 77 to 83/93 make a significant difference, particularly if custom foam liners are fitted?
3. Is there a way to up the flex on my existing boots?
4. Should I start again with all 2006 models/manufacturers?

I'd rather not spend more money than I have to, but for the sake of enjoying skiing again, I'm willing to pay the price.


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I would think you are just going to crush a boot with a 66 flex...

Noodle boots aren't going to hack it for performance skiing. If you've got the spare coin to spend, going with a high performance boot is probably going to give you a better fit in addition to more power on the slopes.

Don't be afraid to explore options like downsizing for a better ankle hold and grinding to make room for your wider forefeet. A pro bootfitter will have all kinds of cool tricks to get you set up so that you don't have to compromise on fit and performance.
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As I feared, thanks a lot. I think off off to Michelson's Feet First in NH where I can start from stratch and get it sorted once and for all.
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