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I was eyeing this ski int he shop when i bought my new race skis this season, because it looks like a ski that would be a blast for all mountain skiing and short turns. I have not heard of anyone skiing them so i dont know how they ski. They are what looks to be an all mountain ski much like a T-power Viper, but they have a much wider tip at 112mm. My first thoughts were that possibly we will see a beefier version of this ski next year as nordicas race slalom ski, judging from the fact that the slalom tips keep getting wider all the time (but thats another discussion). Anyone who knows anything about this ski, your help or input would be great. I'm not looking to buy them. but it is a ski that looks like it should be getting more attention than it is, and has possibly been being overlooked by skiers.

ps. what is the difference between the W65 and the W65 S?? Im guessing the S is softer...??

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