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Gotama vs. Sugar Daddy

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For me: 5'6" 235lbs,
And my girlfriend: 5'4" 135lbs.

Advanced-expert skiers. Used for BC and pow skiing. Other skis for groomers and pack.

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SD is stiffer, more shape, and older ones are atomic only bindings

GT: is softer, fatter, less shape, twin, mount what you want

you Got

her SD (I have some 163 for sale in gear swap)
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Hi, I’m about your size and demo both the Gotama and Sugar daddy when I was looking to replace a pair of 185 Bandit XXX.

I demoed the 184 Sugar Daddy 04/05 (That model did not have the plate) and really did not like it. The tail seems soft and unresponsive compared to the XXX. I did not think the 184 SD had enough float for someone weighing over 220lbs.

The Gotama definitely has more float under foot. I demoed a 176. The conditions were cut up pow and it was fun. For pow, a 184/191 would be much better. Unfortunately I was not able to demo the 184(or is it 183) Gotama.

My pow ski is the Sanouk. Given that you are slightly heavier than me, I would recommend taking a look at the Sanouk. It handles a wider range of conditions than just deep pow. Also, I find it to be quite nimble in the trees.

Girlfriend: Both the SD and Gotama would be fun. You might look for 168 Gotama.
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I donno... around here we don't have long open pitches so the sanouk seems a little long to me. Even if I am using it exclusively for a back/pow ski, I still think the shorter end would be better.

I think I'm going to get the 177 Gotamas, and girlfriend 170s...we'll see thouguh, maybe even shorter for her.

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Where is around here?
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