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Atomic Metron 11 (XI) First Impression

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I bought these skis about a week ago after the binding on my old Atomic broke a couple of weeks ago. My former rides were 180cm Atomic 9.22 Beta Rides. I was fairly happy with these though I felt they lacked some edge grip for the hard stuff and could have been a bit shorter for the tight trees.

Skis: Atomic Metron 11 (XI) 162cm (2004/5 model - brand new) with Neox bindings

Me: 150#, 5'10" Expert skier usually skiing in the Catskills, Elk Mountain and one trip a year to J Hole, Whistler, etc. and maybe a weekend to VT ('bust, MRG, etc.). Figure about 15 days/yr. Expert means that I can ski just about anything short of totally extreme stuff. My technique will definetely start to breakdown when things get hard. For example, I can zipperline the moderate bump run at Elk Mountain but don't look nearly as good on the steeper, often rock hard bumps at Huntah or the irregular stuff at MRG. Same type of situation with carving - nice tracks on intermediate and well groomed easier expert runs with some more skidding/scarving motions on the harder stuff.

Conditions - Huntah Mountain on Sunday 12/4 - manmade with a little natural on top. Some slick spots as usual with the tremendous crowds this place gets (short lines but still somehow a ton of people on the limited trails). Suprisingly some decent bumps in certain places. Actually fairly good for this time of year.

Results - Excellent. Most immediate diffence between these and the 9.22's (and the Volkl 5 stars I demoed last yr) was the carving ability. These things just really lock you in like you're on rails and hold a carve even on the slick stuff where the 9.22's would have skidded. Fortunately, I wasn't able to test them on true ice. Seemed to handle the psuedo crud on some of the trails with ease. Not as big a difference in the bumps as I expected from the much shorter (18cm) length - about the same competency. I had to alter my style a bit as the 9.22's were more pivot/foot steery while these liked to dig the edges in.

There you have it. Can't wait to try them in the trees and some of the true "off-piste" stuff out West.
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Nice review!
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Your conclusions mirror my own after switching from the Atomic R:11's to the Metron B:5's (same dimensions as your M:11's). They lock and load on the groomed.

I suspect you'll also like 'em in the untracked. I also have the 84 mm Metron EX's. The B:5's (like your M:11's) give up little to the M:EX's in terms of deep snow float. On some pow days, I actually prefer the B:5's because they're more playful in trees and tight spots due to the pronounced sidecut.

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