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Team 13 ECHO Review

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I was hanging around my local ski shop (Bobo's) and saw ECHO by team 13 under the counter, so I bought it.

The feature un-impressive Lots of big Hucks (Guys throwing themselves of big cliffs into deep snow) the background music is very modern (Rap Music) I hate rap music. There is also allot of very entertaining big Mountain stuff. I like the way the film announces the Place and the skier @ the beginning of a sequence. There are a couple of big mountain wipe-outs.
So after my first view of the film, I was thinking; this is OK but I can't recommend this one with all the other good stuff out there.

The CD has allotted of stuff on it. I select the Bonus materials. There are 7 items in the bonus section. The menus and labeling are easy to navigate.

I watched #4 US Freesking Nationals @ Snowbird. EXELENT FOOTAGE better than ABC wide world of sports.

I then watched #5 Unedited lines (WOW) OK so there is a whole other movie here. It’s about 1 hour of line after line of excellent BIG Mountain skiing. This is beautiful footage of some excellent skiing with a very pleasant background track. (No RAP) 1st class footage. (Timeless)
I have also re-watched the ECHO feature but I selected the Directors commentary from the audio set up section. I really liked the feature with the commentary, this gives a skier a very good look into what is involved in performing this skiing feats and getting them on film.

So I could go on and on about the DVD. The feature ECHO (So what)
The CD EHCO with the 4+ hours of amazing stuff Buy it!! Its worth the $$
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I thought Echo was by far the best of the year.
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I thought Echo was OK, not great, but OK. Your right about the extra features on the CD. The added footage made it worthwhile. Also, you are right about the rap music...too much(any rap music is too much for me). Especially, when the music used in the previews hinted at no or very little rap. I actually think the music is partially responsible for my opinion that the movie is just OK.

I heard the Hit List is supposed to be really good. Anyone see it and would you recommend it?
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Originally Posted by hercules
I heard the Hit List is supposed to be really good. Anyone see it and would you recommend it?
See this link
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MTT, thanks for the link!
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