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Landed in SLC on Friday. It was COLD. but with the storm system coming in - I was not going to complain. Before I get into the report - let me just say that I have been going to alta/bird on the first wknd of dec every year for the last 6 years. I book my tickets in june/july - when i can get good deals. I haven't been disappointed any year. (this is addressed to those to who say - "wait till the last minute, see where the snow and then pay high prices to book your trip". I disagree.)

Saturday - Alta - reached at 9am, parked at Albion base. there was about 6in of fresh on the ground. 10F at the base. Supreme opened late friday. So we hit Supreme. Tons of great powder (TGP - as i will be using this a lot during my report) on skiers left. took the 2nd and 3rd gate to ski the lines below the lift and to get to the other side of supreme. Of course all the big boulders are still exposed. Catherine's was closed. Devils castle was closed. no lift lines at all.

after lunch - we did sugarloaf. all off-piste off of sugarloaf was closed off. only run open was the groomed blue run down to the lift. so quickly moved on to Collins and Wildcat. TGP everywhere - but you got to be careful in the trees as a bunch of roots and twigs were exposed. High traverse had exposed rocks (as Powdr has warned). collins was very crowded - the lines were almost 20 deep. besides the wind was blowing directly on to our face as we went up the lift. so we decided to call it quits at 3pm. the road down the canyon was open with chains required (although I did not see anyone enforcing it) - no accidents too - but it took us 3 hours to get to downtown.

Sunday - snowbird. Road report said canyon road was closed due to avalanche control and would open at 8am. it finally opened at 915. we started skiing at 1015. on the recorded msg and website that morning - it said - tram was open. when we reached there - they told us due to high winds - ONLY gadzoom, wilbere were open. bummer. 9in overnight, temps in the single digits and snowing lightly. so we skied of gadzoom all morning. nice powder - but generally speaking we saw lots more exposed twigs and rocks at the bird than at Alta. around noon - they opened Gad2 - oh my gaaawwwwd - TGP, TGP, TGP. Runs that had the most powder were Organ Grinder, Gadzooks, STH and the line right below the lift.quit at 3pm - no traffic on the way back.

Monday - Snowbird. it had stopped snowing. it was still cold (10F). 3 in overnight, Tram was open. I thought it was not going to be crowded - being that it was weekday. I reached the tram building at 8:55am and skied the Tram 5 times till 115pm. every time - i was in the 2nd tram to leave the building. today was epic - since it was the first time they were opening the cirque and chips side after the storm. TGP, TGP, TGP. first 2 times I skied - Primrose down to Anderson bowl and continued down Primrose or Chips face. Next 3 runs - down regular johnson - down the ridge (rocky and twiggy) - down upper, lower cirque. there were spots that had about 9-12 in of powder.
very nice.

what can i say - Great start to what i hope will be a great season.