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Ski Santa Fe

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Took a hike with the dog this Saturday. The mountain is barely covered with anything. I skiied down the one hill where they are making snow. I am afraid we are going to have to wait for the spring snows to come and rescue us. The annoying part of all this is it is really cold. Stay away from New Mexico for now.
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Anyone know how Wolf Creek is doing? the website shows a lot of terrain open, but the webcam photos seem to show the top of grass peeking through. I was thinking about trekking up there this weekend, since there's no sign of hope here yet, but hate to drive for multiple hours just to ski on grass and rocks.
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Wolf Creek

So, how was the run looking where they're making snow? Website says they're supposed to open the 10th...I've been kinda doubting that, moreso with your report.

Was up at WC Nov 20th. It was....very patchy, sounds from your description of the webcam that it hasn't improved much.

I was extremely surprised at some of the terrain they had open - mostly unskiable, grass and trees and rocks peeking through *everywhere*. There were maybe 2 runs with full cover, and they were pretty iced over.

The top of Alberta face looked to have a decent amount of snow on it - Looked about 2-3' fresh that had been pretty well skied and turned to chop. But there was zero compaction and absolutely no base under the snow - I pre-released in the crud and had to hike back up about 10' to retrieve my ski - I was mostly climbing on rocks, with snow between my knees and waist.

Not sure how much snow they've gotten in the last two weeks, but unless it's been significant, I can't imagine it's much better than it was.

If you haven't been up to Taos yet, you might head there. Not a whole lot of terrain open, but there's a few runs with about 1700 vertical ft with decent cover. They just opened another run (porcupine) Sunday, they've been making snow like crazy. I was talking to one of the ski school guys and he mentioned that he thought the snowmakers were going to try as hard as they could to get bambi open top to bottom to add more vert.

Me, I'm headed to Breckenridge for the weekend
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ski santa fe

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Originally Posted by okolepuka
Well, you could just post on the "what's your religion" thread as a sadist now.
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well a big *thppppppppppt* to you too!

Originally Posted by okolepuka
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It will come

y'all should head up north until then, come and sample our snow.
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Let's face it, NM just ain't gettin any snow now. Ski Santa Fe will probably open Chipmunk and a couple of beginner runs on Dec. 10 but don't expect more. No snow in the forecast either. Could be Xmas before it's worth going up. But things can change any time...

OTOH, N. Colorado has great skiing, I'm in Winter Park right now and there's loads of snow (freaking cold though, 17 deg. below at night).
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