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Nordica Beast 74TT

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Anyone ridden this ski yet? I've done a search which only came up with the 92 TT.
Would be interested to hear what people think. Its been getting reasonable write ups in a couple of UK ski mags, and its quite cheap compared to other more illustrious brands.
Do Nordicas not sell well in the US? Beacause come to think about it I hardly ever hear about them here.

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Skied the 163 at Mammoth last year. It was very much a tip and turn carver in that length. It wanted to be skied arc to arc, and had no interest in skiding. A longer length may not have these characteristics. No, Nordica skis are not nearly as popular as Nordica Boots.
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Just gonna bump this to the top as I could do with some more feed back.(thanks helispin)
I've got a good chance to buy a pair of 173's at a very cheap price considering they've only been skied for one day. they are 210 GBP which is roughly 340 dollars.
I've no chance to try them out, and they will be my first pair of skis. They will be used mostly in Scotland, which means hardpack, heather and rocks...
They will also be used in the alps a bit, so I guess they could see some powder eventualy
I'm upper(ish) intermediate with about 45 days on snow (since 98 when i started) 5'8" 162lb
Ta guys and gals
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