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Atomic SL:9 @ ESA

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I wasn't sure if this should go in the instruction or gear forums so I put it here.

I recently got a great deal on a pair of 04/05' Atomic SL:9s in a 160. From the realskiers.com review as well as reviews by others it has been suggested that aside from being a good hardsnow ski it is also capable off-piste in reasonable conditions. I'm fairly light as well @ 160lbs.

Given that the ESA is going to be at Snowbird/Alta this year, which are fairly likely to have a good deal of snow, I'm wondering if this ski would be able to hack it for the camp. The tip and tail are pretty wide but it only has a 65mm waist. I will not get the opportunity to try it in those conditions prior to the trip (midwest skier).

The delimma is that I don't currently own an all-mountain ski (or I would bring both) and I would prefer not to demo one for the length of the trip if the SL:9 can handle it just fine. I'd rather save that demo cash and buy something I wanted.

So if you were me, what would you do?
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Tough call and depends completely on the conditions and your skill level. I weight 165 and ski the SL:9 in a 170cm which gives it decent all mountain handling capability. Its fine up to 12" of powder and does a decent job in soft chop. But if the chop stiffens up then it gets thrown around a bit.
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so how did your sl9 skis treat you this year? i'm only 155lbs & was considering some 150s. do they perform at all for you at slower speeds? thanks!
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Awesome, they are great skis.

Go with the 160cm unless you really want to ski them short.

I find them very responsive at slow speeds, and have spent a few days following beginners on easy greens so I have some extensive time with that. I learn as much on these skis at slow speeds as I do when I ski them faster.

I'd recommend them to anyone looking for an SL radius ski.
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thanks. any guess as to about how much the cheapest bindings (that are light) would be that would fit these skis?
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Originally Posted by mpskier
thanks. any guess as to about how much the cheapest bindings (that are light) would be that would fit these skis?
Depends on your weight and skier level. I ski a SL 9 @ 170cm with a 412. However, the 310 may be fine. Cost would be around 80 dollars on ebay for the 412's. Real quick turning ski.
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