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Just arrived....

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Cool skis, but the reason for those in PA?
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It is called a Quiver. I ski the Exploders probably 50% of the time and love a fat ski for almost all conditions, plus for those rare powder days....

198 1999 Rossi 9S Straight Skis with Marker M51 SC (old school)
191 2001 Rossi Bandit X with Soloman 997 Drivers (rockers)
170 2002 Dynastar Speed 63 Look P12 Demos (rockers and loaners)
173 2002 CMH Explosives 912 TI (trees with powder)
184 2003 Rossi Bandit X G3 Targas (tele)
185 2004 Soloman Crossmax10 with 912 TI (Carvers)
188 2005 PMGear BroModels with Rossi FKS 155 (boo ya)
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Impressive quiver mine is much smaller and shorter. but should be adding some 172 motherships this summer with freeride bindings.
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