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I haven't found many threads that talk about demo bindings, so I thought I would ask for some of your thoughts and rationale if you were faced with a situation similar to mine.

I found a great deal on skis (Fischer RX8s) from a rental fleet. They had never been used so there is not a scratch on the skis or bindings. The skis are what I was looking for, but I'm not familiar with the bindings. The deal on the skis was good enough that I am willing to consider swapping the bindings. The options I'm considering are:

1) Appreciate the good deal and simply ski them with the demo binding. The binding is a Fischer FS12 Pro demo binding (on mounting plate, not railflex, which appears to be similar to the Tyrolia SP120), although I can't find much information on this binding.

2) Replace the binding with another new, more common binding that I can also get a good deal on--the Marker 1200 Titanium Speedpoint--another demo binding

3) Replace the binding with a non-demo binding (such as a look pivot or rossignol axial)

I'm thinking about the demo vs. non-demo issue, but also about these specific models. Most skiers, including myself, seem to have binding preferences. But since these bindings are already mounted, then would there be a significant advantage to switch? The only disadvantage for demo bindings I've found searching the forums seem to be that they are usually heavier and potentially a little higher mounted on the binding plate. Would a less common demo binding also run the risk of not being supported as long as other more common bindings? Being out of the market for quite a while I don't know how 'equal' demo bindings might be, so your perspectives are greatly appreciated!

What are some of the factors you would consider if you were faced with a similar decision?

Some background on me that might be pertinent: 41 years old, 160 lbs, level is approx 8+, getting back into skiing after almost a 10-year hiatus, skiing in the west (Tahoe mostly), planning on skiing about 15 days this season.