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What is MOST important?

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What is the most important piece of ski equipment? Seems like the answer would be obvious, Skis, right? Manufactures of boots will say boots, it is what attaches you to the skis. Bindings, what attaches your boots to the skies? And so on. Any ideas?
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waterproof, warm cloths
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Your mind. it links everything together.
Other equipment would depend on what you consider important and the way it is fitted. A boot is only as good as it's fitting. but properly fitted it is the most important for my vote. If you are talking comfort, clothes and boots.<FONT size="1">

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Properly fitted boot. No question about it.


Making a turn where you have to is different from making a turn where you want to...
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Poles, definitely poles. No wait, how about one of those watches that count vertical feet. Ya, that.
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assuming you DO have skis, boots, clothes, etc., do you want old rickety skis that you could carbon-date AND excellent boots that fit OR state-o'-the-art BRAND NEW SKIS with boots that are too small/too large, etc.?
i'll take the boots that work.
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IMHO, RUN to the best boot fitter you can find in your region. Spend some time and money and be fitted properly with boots that are BEYOND your current ability level. Be realistic describing your current ability level. Go ski for a few weeks and get comfortable with your new boots. Enjoy then, break them in and get used to them.

THAN, go back and be fitted with a good set of orthotics! You'll really notice the difference. How? Your skies will be more responsive because you'll know where your edges are! Ever little shift in foot pressure will be reflected in ski response. Your boot will not need to be cranked down as much as before since the orthotics will prevent your foot from compressing. Hence more response, comfort and warmer feet.

First good boots and than good skies!
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Don't underrate the gams. Get those things tuned up somehow whether by bike, hike, lung or, best of all, skiing. Strong legs with undending endurance are your best equipment to deal with vertical feet.
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What's in the sac.
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I think you need to quantify the question more.
"If you were traveling and were told You can rent everything where you are going and you can only take piece of equipment(boots,skis,poles,specific clothes,gloves....) which piece would you take with you.
Boots for sure. or more specific, my orthotics I'll put these in another pair of boots if I have to. Everything else I can rent and still have a great time.
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The hallucinogens are the first thing packed. And an ample supply of DELIRIUM TREMENS, a fine tequila-like brew. The peyote buttons have never hurt me, either.
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The three most important pieces of ski equipment are, in this order, boots, boots, and boots.

Seriously, skiing is not fun if your feet are killing you. The pain from ill fitting ski boots is probably second only to a bad toothache. On the other hand, if your boots are too loose, then it doesn't matter what type of skis that you have, because you will not be able to control them.
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As long you have boots that fit you can ski on anything and still have a good experience.
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Boots. With custom foot beds. No doubt about it.
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I'm going to vote with My feet and Go with the boots and footbeds

The Best skier in the world is the One with the biggest smile. Utah49
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Boots. When I travel, they are the one thing I can not duplicate by renting. First, they are not available for rent and second, they have been so finely tuned for my own unique feet [and each one is different from the other]. I carry my boots onto the plane and never let them go.
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A fit body and a fat wallet, and a huge imagination to think that I have both
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I think the consensus is pretty clear and I agree with it. Boots and if possible, footbeds to go with.
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Someone to enjoy the mountain with.
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I will give you a hint.
it is inside the helmet.
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Das Boots.
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Why would a boat be so important?
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Lift tickets or a pass.
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you haven't seen my feet.
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I'm going with Bindings. If there wasn't a way to attach your feet to those boards, it wouldn't be skiing, or boarding.

How'd I do Kim, get it right?

9 more to go by the way!

If it holds snow-It can be skied!

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Duct tape will attach your feet to those boards! Patch up that Bogner too.
now go ski so I can catch up to you..

Good one.
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Lars not sure what the right answer is. Boots make sense but I have to agree with TI, Dchan and CactusHead. Being in shape certainly helps me with my skiing and the mind, yes. If I am feeling confident then my skiing is better.

maybe the most important piece of equipment is my desk top. Reading the tips here has certainly helped my skiing!
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