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I skied with Stu C today.

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Today was something like day 6 on snow for me. I've been taking it slow this year (mostly because winter has too), and don't feel the need to fight the masses on the white ribbon fo death. So after one October powder day (Awesome snow), and several days of gaping it on the magic carpet, I finally got to ski a little on Saturday. It was not pretty. I went home thinking I had forgotten how to ski. I had a pretty big wreck in uniform, but hopefully no one saw. It was practically dark then. Cliniced with Doug S on Sunday, but more of a teaching clinic than skiing one. Still, I got my skiing back a little. So this morning I told Stu I forgot how to ski.

I'm going to give a turbo synopsis of what we did today. I'm also going to tell you why I like skiing with Stu. We skied a lot. There is no jargon. Our first run was a warm-up run, but we were to try and ski quietly an dalso we could not pass Stu. I didn't realize at the time, but I guess that not being able to pass was a stealth way to get us skiing the slow line fast. <warning - I just realised this won't be a short post afterall> I think the next run was the same thing, trying to keep our skis quiet. Third run skis quiet, but go across the hill. Pick a spot that is too far up the hill and try to go there (slow line fast again). Fourth run Keep skis/boots the same distance apart in all parts of the turn. Fifth run keep ski tips even. Sixth run focus on making the edge change fast but gentle. Seventh run get the outside leg long. And finally bring a little hip into it. In fact he mentioned the clossal "Waiststeering Thread". I don't hink he ever used a PSIA word, rotary, pressure, etc. Oops, he did say braucauge once. This is his challenge to all ESA East coaches. No PSIA speak, no jargon.

It's beautiful to see how much can be taught with so little. It's nice to explore your skiiing yourself. Let me rephrase that Stu sets you up to figure out how to ski better. He doesn't just tell you how to do it. It's fun to rip the really slow line really fast.

Anyway I went from gaping it to feeling like I could get a 2nd run on the Birds of Prey. Which had me thinking how stoked all of you who attend ESA East are going to be.
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Good post. Stu Campbell is quite simply the best coach I've ever learned from, and I've skiied with some pretty stellar folk.
I'm always flabbergasted by what a great coach can do, but Stu was beyond flabbergastation.
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Now I REALLY can't wait. Hope my wife gets in his group.
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Epic, nice post. It is amazing what a great coach can do, and I'm a bit jealous that I'll have to miss ESA EW this year. Anyone who can make it should--if they want to take a quantum leap in their skiing...
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