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Hi, 1st post. Custom boot fit question.

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Hi, I'm new to the forums. Need a little help in finding the right boot fit. I've done alot searching and reading past posts but have questions.

A little background. I'm a 42 year old ex racer, race coach, pacesetter, race director, ski instructor, basically lived at the hill for 25 years but got burnt out and left for the last 5. Now have kids skiing and am back into it. Race the local ski league, AA Elite class and doing pretty good, but mostly skiing with the kids and just having fun.

Need a new boot bad but have foot problems. Small feet, measure 24.5 so nobody has anything to try. High arch, instep. Wear custom podiatrist made orthodics in everything. Have double ankle bones. Sounds strange but I have another ankle only slightly smaller below and forward of the normal ankle bone. And lastly, my feet and ankles have been broken 4 times so fit is important to being able to stay out on the hill.

Right now I'm looking at Tecnica Diablo flames with the hot form liner because of ability to form to my foot and I also know the fitter (although he is not a professional fitter) and will get a good deal. He recommends this boot and HF liner in a 25 if I want comfort which I do but I also need some degree of performance for racing. I could also get the Tecnica Icon Alu 04 ultrafit boot online cheap and he would fit it for me. Damn, I haven't had to pay for equipment since high school.

I guess my question would be would the ultrafit do the job with my foot problems or should I go hotform as I suspect. Or go in a totally different direction? Another shop wants to get me into the Dalbello Krypton. But the price is pretty high. I'm open to suggestions.

Thanks in advance
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With foot issues like the ones that it sounds like you have, you're going to want to find a good bootfitter that's good with a dremel tool and a boot press. Let me know where you're at, and I'll see if I can recommend a good fitter.

As far as the Diablo Flames, those are a super soft flexing boot. I'm in the Diablo Race Pro's, and they're just barely stiff enough for me (agressive skiing race coach). What's your height/weight/skiing style?

Like I said, a good bootfitter is indespensible. I've been battling ski boot issues for years now, and just a couple weeks ago found a really good bootfitter in my area. I'm ecstatic. In 1.5 hours he diagnosed and fixed alignment and fit problems that have been giving me pain and grief for 5 years.

And by bootfitter, I don't mean your local ski shop employee who recommends heel lifts to every customer who has a fit problem. Find someone who ONLY fits boots, or at least MOSTLY fits boots. My bootfitter fits 5+ pairs of boots a day, 5 days a week, all season.

Hope this helps.
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Originally Posted by Scott in the U.P.
...Have double ankle bones. Sounds strange but I have another ankle only slightly smaller below and forward of the normal ankle bone. ...
Hey, I do too. So do my brother and my dad. (Maybe we're related ) Is it very common? Anyone else?
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I'm in Marquette, Michigan in the upper peninsula. Very rural area and there are no professional boot fitters here. One claims to be but he's 22. How can he have much experience at that age. It's possible there's a descent fitter on the west end where I grew up. Indianhead, Powderhorn, Blackjack, Whitecap mountians are all within 20 miles so there are lots of shops and skiing is big business there but I really doubt it.

I've read that the flames were soft but the saleman said they were only one step down from the full race boot. I'm in a stiff race boot now and i want something a little softer. Sucks that no one has my size so there's nothing to try on. : Thanks for the reply.

Forgot to mention, I'm 5'7" and 150 lbs. I'm fairly aggressive and I like to turn. I tend to ski the edges more than ripping down the middle. I kinda like hitting some of the jumps in the park when I'm with the kids. I still love to run gates and race on the FIS hill weekly and run the nastar course on weekends(unlimited runs with my pass). I don't work at the hill in any capacity anymore nor do I want to. I really want a comfy all mountain boot that will serve double duty in the course.
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Hey Scott- I was born in the UP at KI Sawyer AFB (my dad flew B52s), I don't think the base is there anymore is it?

Anyway, I think this might be a Jeff Bergeron question, he has an annual boot fitting thread on the "Gear Reviews" forum. Read his initial post & follow his question format. Good luck.
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The Diablo Flame's are WAY softer than the race boots. The Race Pro's are available in a 130, 110 and 90 flex index. Below that is the Diablo Magnesium in a 100 flex. The Flame has the same shell as the Magnesium, but is an 80 flex. Even the Magnesium is too soft for most higher-end skiers.

Keep in mind that the new 'pro' lines of race boots from Technica/Nordica/etc. are not nearly as stiff as traditional race boots that you are probably used to. They're very stiff latterally for edge power, but VERY soft in the forward flex. I'm 190 lbs., and my Technica Race Pro 130's are just right for freeskiing and too soft for all-out racing. With your background and weight, I'd go for a softer flexing "race" boot, or one of the stiffer freeski boots from Technica/Lange/Head/etc.

Keep in mind with the Technicas that they have a very forward lean angle and a very flat ramp angle. This tends puts your ankle in a 'closed' position, and may put your knee too far forward over the front of your toe, causing too much of your weight to be placed on the ball of your foot. This is especially a huge problem if you have a limited range of dorsiflexion (flexion of the ankle joint upwards). Some people will have to add heel lifts (to increase delta angle) and lifters under the toes (to increase delta and decrease forward lean) to Technica boots to make them skiable.

As far as bootfitters in your area, check http://www.bootfitters.com/ ... I think there's a couple in OH that are certified by Masterfit U.

Hope this helps!
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Jamie here. Hey, listen to Paul at the hill. He truly knows what he is talking about. I would bet that the Flame is too high volume for you. If I were you, knowing how you ski, look into a Tecnica Race Pro 110 or 130. I ASSURE you, paul can make the necessary adjustments (stretching, grinding, whatever), to fit your foot perfect.

I don't know much about the Krypton, but it's not a race boot. Call me at Pioneer tomorrow if you want to talk.
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Another option for your funky ankle bones are Intuition liners. They are custom foam and they mold perfectly to both the shape of your foot as well as the shape of the inside of your boot shell. I use them myself and swear by them. I'll show you mine next time I see you.
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if you need / want I have lange plug boots in 4,5,6,7 for $250 in box. doesn;t get stiffer or narrower, but they are made to be changed
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Thanks Jamie. I'll give Paul a shot. I really need a custom fit and I guess I shouldn't be so cheap. I tried on a Krypton and it felt pretty soft, high volume. I also stopped by and tried on a one size too big flame today just to see and it was very soft. Thanks for all the advice. I think I'll stick to a race boot. And I'll see Paul tomorrow.
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