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Best Resort for Presidents Day

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Any suggestions on a resort to visit for the week of Presdients Day? I know most areas are pretty busy so any suggestions would be good. I was thinking either Utah or Tahoe, but I've never been out there during the busy season. Its my one big trip of the year so I would like to avoid the crowds if possible.
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If you are looking to avoid crowds on President's Day Weekend, I would sugest somewhere in Austria......................
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I think President's Day is when a whole load of 'brothers' show up at Alpine Meadows. Now I don't want to generalize and be accused of being a racist but there is a whole lot of partying, and not much skiing, going on and hence the slopes have been surprisingly quiet for such a busy weekend. But getting to the bar can be a problem
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Maybe Steamboat or possibly Lake Louise.
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if avoiding the crowds was a big deal, i would think Snowbasin, Powder Mtn, Brighton and Solititude; base in SLC would take care of it.
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Do you want to ski? or have a ski vacation with all The little extras like a night life. If you are looking for a place just to ski find an out of the way mountain. Someplace that isn't on every ones radar screen. All the big name resorts will be packed! Places I would look into are Crested Butt, Tamarack ID, Grand Targhee, Wolf Creek CO. Snowbasin won't be as crowded as the Other Utah mountains but it is getting discovered.
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Yeah, if you're trying to avoid the crowds it ain't gonna be easy. Although I too often find it's more of a problem to get to the mountain then really being that bad once you're there.

Two years ago I went Cat Skiing in BC that week. 24 people no matter what time of the season it is. But in Tahoe or Utah, it's probably a good suggestion to try some of the smaller resorts if you want to miss the crowds. Or, just accept that it's gonna be crowded, get up a half hour earlier then usual, and be stoked that your skiing rather then doing something else.
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All of these posts and only one Canadian resort mentioned. Go to Canada. The farther north the better. Don't go to Whistler, though. Lake Louise area or any of a number of areas in central BC. They don't celebrate Presidents Day and the border filters out a lot of us Yanks.
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Don't go to Montana 'cause the slopes will be crowded. That time of year all the sheep are gone and there's nothing to do but ski.
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Just cause no one else said it, To hell u ride

In general, the further you are from an airport, the less crowds you'll find.
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Everything is crowded to the gills at all the resorts that weekend.
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Tahoe is a disaster that weekend. It would be a shame to fly out from the east coast to stand in interminable lines in the midst of a gaper carnival. Canada is the place to be. Or maybe Kazakhstan.
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President's Day Week is the busiest week of the year at Sun Peaks in BC (or maybe second biggest after Xmas/New Years). Not sure how it is as other BC resorts, but Sun Peaks and Whistler are both definitly packed.
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Originally Posted by ski_rick
President's Day Week is the busiest week of the year at Sun Peaks in BC (or maybe second biggest after Xmas/New Years). Not sure how it is as other BC resorts, but Sun Peaks and Whistler are both definitly packed.
I was at Silver Star BC on Presidents day last year when there was no snow anywhere around except for there. Everyone was from Washington, and the lines were not bad at all. It was really very OK. Whether that's because it's usually fine, or because everyone had given up on last year, I don't know.
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The closest least crowded place to ski on President's Weekend is Canada. The skiing is cheaper and if you go to Quebec the food is awesome, plus you can poach trails by saying I thought 'piste ferme' meant 'firm trail'.
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Big Sky is NEVER crowded.
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You can go to park city and ski deer valley where they limit lift ticket sales so the slopes are never crowded. Also the canyons is so big that it rarely gets crowded. Also smaller places such as the mountains in little cottonwood canyon (alta/bird, solitude brighton) won't be too bad and the snow will be good. Copper mountain, loveland, a-basin, big sky, are all rarely corwded. Where ever you go out west will have great skiing. Have fun
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Thanks for all your input. Ill check out the places mentioned.
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