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Boots for large lower leg

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A beginnner friend needs boots. She's 6'0, 200 lbs, built well but with a problem. Her lower legs are rather large - not disproportionate to her overall size, just big around. No defined calf. Problem is her foot is a 25.5 mondo, below the ankle the boot and liner fit great (Cheapo Nordica something) but I can barely lock the upper two buckles on the boot. Have already taken out the spoiler, the booster strap, and some padding out of the liner (behind the calf) but still it is difficult to buckle (this with the buckles adjusted all the way out. The largest setting on the buckles is still super tight and hurts.

Instead of dicking with this some more can anyone recommend a boot for a large lower leg area? Or are all boots basically the same in this area?

We'll work on losing weight later, (30 lbs or so) but right now just want to get her on skis.


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I had the exact same problem and ended up in the Nordica Beast 10 W - no problem getting it around my calves - the XWave women's works too.

Be gentle if you suggest the Beast to her - it's a bit shocking at first for a women to be told that a product called the Beast is perfect for her
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Just bot a pair of Nordica Beast 10 for the exact same reason. The tongue is also very wide and therefore did not pinch my calf when tightened. Best boot I have had in a while.
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I used to have calves that no boot, ski or fashion, wanted to fit around..(okay the kind with elastic sometimes would fit). I have a pretty old pair of Salomon Evolution 8.0's that are great. Not sure if they've changed in that regard.
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Make sure she has a women's boot, the cuff is a little lower which should help. Also, have you checked to see if the bales/ratchet spots can move, often times there is some room for adjustment in the placement. Also, check to see if longer/extended bales are available (I had to get longer bales on old Langes). If all else fails, go to a bootfitter, often times they can strech the cuff (a bootfitter I know uses heat and Bailey's bottles - works better than some people might think), also, the option to split the back of the cuff is there, but I would highly recomend having this done by a pro (and this will change the performance of the boot).
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Dalbello Avanti V9

Another good one to look at is the Dalbello Avanti V9. Plenty of adjustments (cuff height, canting, ramp angle, micro and macro adjustable buckles, and 3 flex settings), it's got a nice stiff flex, but won't kill you like some of the heigh-end boots, the adjustments require tools (they aren't wimpy knobs and dials), they have nice volume, and they'll only run you $300 bucks, new. They're one of the best value, upper intermediate boots I've come across.
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why not just more/redrill the buckles on the wave? (like manus said)

also a small heel lift moves more of the calf out of the boot.

if it is just the upper few cm of the boot you can also get the upper cuff flaired out to make more volume (bend it back)

removing a few cm from the upper cuff is an option too.
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