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Whistler conditions?

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I'm starting to get nervous. I'm going skiing at Whistler the week of Christmas (20th-26th), and from what I can see, things aren't looking so rosy there. Only a 34 inch base. Anyone know if they're expecting any big dumps soon? We've gone to Whistler the past three years in a row over Christmas, and for the past two especially, the snow has been pretty disappointing. There were so many rocks last year I ended up getting a pair of rental skis because I didn't want mine getting chewed up. Is it just me, or have they had some unusually back early season luck these past few years? We usually go to Whistler over Christmas because we have to plan months in advance and Whistler generally seems like the safest bet for early season snow, but I'm starting to wonder now.
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We've had some pretty good dumps in early Nov, but it's been on the drier side these past couple weeks. The coverage is pretty decent up high, despite the 34" base they are reporting at mid mtn. I've been skiing lines off Harmony & Peak chairs that normally are not skiable this early in the season. Anything below Red/Emerald chairs on Whistler, and Solar Coaster on Blackcomb are a no go at this point in time.

Yes, there are some rocks poking through here & there, and another foot of snow would make a huge difference, but overall, I'd give it a thumbs up. I've had the new gear out already, and normally I won't bring out the good skis till there is at least 100+cm base, so that should tell you something.

We've been getting small amts of snow, but nothing really major lately. Just enough to refresh the slopes.
As far as whether there are any big dump between now and the time you arrive, that's hard to predict. I'd say there is definitely going to more snow, but hard to say how much.
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I skied 4 days at Whistler last week. Got a couple of small gouges in my skis, but it was quite good. If it stays cold, rememeber they'll be able to blow snow.

The problem, as I see it w/ Whistler, is they tend toward dishonesty regarding their conditions. I even had a chat w/ some of their employees on this, and they are under big orders to not say anything negative about the conditions. So, always ask questions that can be answered w/o saying something sucks. for example, instead of asking whether things suck, ask whether they would take their great skis out or their rock skis. they can answer this truthfully w/o getting in trouble.

all it'll take is two dumps and everything will be fine. it's a dice roll, but could be ok. another option is switch for CO or UT.

good luck!
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