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ESA East, Which Skis?

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Hi All, My question is what skis to bring? Sounds simple at first, but.....

I have both Volkl 5*'s and Metron M:Ex's in the 175 length and enjoy both very much although in different conditions and times. My primary concern is, would it be detrimental to the overall learning process by switching to two very different skis within the short timeframe of the ESA East? So what would your recommendations be ? bring both pair or only one? If only one, which one? based on what you envision conditions, desired teaching outcomes, etc. might be.

Note: I have skiied both about the same number of days overall and your comments and or recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

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It depends on what your group chooses to do. Generally speaking, if you must choose only one pair, bring the Volkl 5*. On the other hand . . . if you COULD bring both, what's the harm? At the first Eastern Tune-Up at Stowe, I brought the whole closet full of skis and used two different pair. I found that one pair did better than the other and then stuck with that.
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P.S. If you bring only one pair of skis and want to use something different, for any reason, there's a SKI Magazine Gold Medal Demo Center on the mountain road. There also may be on-mountain demos available.
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I was on my Top Fuels today, and my Gotamas yesterday. If you can bring both, you should, but I think the 5 Star is your best bet.
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Thank You! I'll bring both and see how it goes. I guess my primary concern (as stated in my initial post) was there is a great deal of difference in skiing based on the tools you are on and the conditions you are in. Having said that, I am hoping to maximize my learning experience irregardless. I know it will all be good!!


PS: WTFH says he will be leaving his pistols at home
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I hope he regrets it! They have 'em in the onhill demo center anyway if he needs a pair.
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I hope I regret it too!
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Epic, you must be pretty brave bringing your new Top Fuels out so early. Are the conditions up there that good? I was thinking of coming up for the demos this weekend. I was up at Sugarloaf a couple of weekends ago, and some of the natural snow trails were pretty boney.
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The groomers are in pretty good shape. A little gravel started coming through late today. There is a lot of snow-making going on now. It loos like Peryy Merril should open for the weekend, then Liftline is next on the list. Big Spruce should be open by next Wednesday, and when it is, there will be a lotof snow. They've ben making a lot over there.
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Well, I spent Monday waxing up my Heads and getting a bit of an edge on them. The Pistols will just have to stay home alone.
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Remember this is New England. You'll want to be on a All Mountain ski. Face it, there is very little chance you'll need any ski with more then a mid 70's waist. Sorry, just the facts, I live here too, I've gotten used to it. I'll be on my Volkl AX3's, 108 70 96, 170cm.

If the forecast changes, yea, like that will happen, I have PR's.

Hey, it's less then a week and a half away, this is going to be a fun time
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I'm looking forward to meeting you Max. Do you look anything like Max Headroom?
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Originally Posted by epic
I'm looking forward to meeting you Max. Do you look anything like Max Headroom?
Byron is going?


I wish I could have gone this year.
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Ssalce, I'm going too! You should be disappointed about not getting to buy me a beer!
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Originally Posted by epic
I'm looking forward to meeting you Max. Do you look anything like Max Headroom?
Almost, but I'm real.

This is going to be one fun weekend.
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I'll be recounting it to my therapist for years to come...
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I was just gonna post the forecast, but I don't want to be blamed as the jinx if it goes wrong.
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I was born and raised in New England, I can take whatever Mother Nature wants to throw at us, I may not like it, but it hasn't stopped me from being out when the wind chill was -75F.

Let her throw her worst snow storm at us early next week, we can take it.

Bring it on, Baby...Fox will be ready for it.

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