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Pocket Rocket or not?

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Need some advice. I'm from the mid-west, and I don't ski as much as I'd like but when I do get out to ski in the West, I find myself getting bored with skied out groomed runs and heading off piste for the trees. And I love powder when I find it. I currently ski with X-scream which are OK on the groomed slopes, but I find them a little awkward in the trees and moguls and not as floaty in the powder as fat skis I have rented.

I am thinking about the Pocket Rocket as a second pair for the off piste runs. Good idea or not? And what length is a question. I weight 141 (height 5' 9 1/2"), and my X-screams are 174, but at times, they don't seem as maneuverable as I'd like in tight spots. 165 or 175? Or are there another recommendations? Twin tips are appealing.
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5'9.5" and 140 lbs? David "lean" indeed. [img]tongue.gif[/img]

At 174 cm., the X-Scream you currently ride is not the Series, which would also explain your ho-hum impression of it on the groomed. They are noticeably different skis.

Anyway, the 175 cm. Pocket Rocket would be good. It carves a significantly smaller radius than your mainstay. It's very soft flexing, which can tighten up the turns in trees further. All you can do is give it a try and use a light touch.

Also I wouldn't go any shorter as I can't see you losing weight. I am SO jealous!
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A 175 Pocket Rocket would be too much for you in the trees. My son is 21, 6' & a strong 165 pounds. He has skied at least 80 days the past 4 seasons. He has a pair of 175 Pocket Rockets and they are a good size for him. Considering you weight I would go with the 165.

That said, I would reconsider getting Pocket Rockets due to your comment about your X-Screams in moguls. The Pocket Rocket is actually more skiable in moguls than many of the other fats due to its side cut and lightness, but they still are a pain. If you want a twin-tip for powder & moguls both look into the this years 1080. It is a narrower version of the Pocket Rocket.
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165 sounds pretty ideal. I found the 175 to be all kinds of fun, even in rutline bumps, but I have at least 30 lbs on you, though I am a couple inches shorter.
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