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April in Mammoth

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I'll be visiting Mammoth 5th-14th April 2006 from Scotland. Before we book up, I've got a quick but important question:

My wife is a novice & will be looking to ski the easy trails at the bottom of the mountain. If it turns out to be an average year, do you think the lower runs will be open/in decent condition for most of the day?

OK, 2 questions! Are there many easy trails a little higher up Mammoth?

Thanks for helping out before we part with our hard earned cash!
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yes to both
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Thanks MilesB. Just thought of another question - does anyone know when LA schools have the Easter break? I've not been able to find any general info on it - hoping to avoid the crowds.
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The problem is that the socal schools do not all have spring break at the same time. You will probably get some spring break crowds, but it's usually not toobad.
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Most California public schools (K-12) have spring break April 10-14. College spring breaks are dispersed over several weeks, generally earlier.
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Thanks guys. Sounds like the chances are that we will have a good time wrt snow & crowds.

Tony, I read your excellent online articles - thanks for compiling & maintaining this info, I'm sure that many people will find it very helpful & informative. I certainly did.
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