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America West - Ski Bag Check

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My wife booked a trip for my first trip out West for my 30th birthday.

We are flying US Airways operated by America West from Logan to Phoenix to SLC.

Has anyone flown using this carrier and if so were there any issues?

I believe they accept anything under 82 inches and I assume we can substitute one of our normal checked bags with a ski bag.
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I flew USAirways to Denver last year with skis and had no problems. I did, however, have an unpleasant discussion with a check-in agent about my boot bag. It's a large bag that holds boots and I can also fit in my helmet. I filled in the empty spaces with clothing. She accused me of abusing the rules by using the boot bag for non-skiing luggage. I told her she ought to thank me for flying on her bankrupt airline and not worry about a couple of T-shirts stashed in a boot bag. No extra charges were imposed. I am flying on Southwest this year.
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I'm flying out next Monday to California on American West and taking my skis and large ski travel bag. I have a ski tube for the skis. I'll let you know if I have any issues with the baggage. Its a US Air flight operated by their new partner America West. We've flown US Air for years into Denver with ski bags etc and never a problem or an additional charge. However, you never know these days, one airline starts charging evryone else will probably support it unfortunately.
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Thanks for the info.

I think we are going to take our Transpacks onboard with us and take out the boots in the plane so it fits in the overhead compartment.

If we decide to take skis we will each take a ski bag and that leaves us with two additional bags for clothes and toiletries.
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