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Mt. Ashland or Mt. Shasta?

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Headed to the thriving metropolis of Klamath Falls, Oregon from Jan 11 to Jan 18. Looking to do a day trip on Jan 13 and wondered which one of these would be better. Not looking for snow predictions, just overall impression of each hill. I ski primarily groomed but will go slightly off on occasion. I have heard that Ashland can be horribly foggy but have not heard anything about Shasta.

Oh, and before you say why not just go to Bachelor, I will be there on the 16th and 17th. Gotta split up the ski time and spend time with the family. TIA.


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My preference between the two mountains is Mt. Ashland but that's probably because I grew up skiing there. Mt. Ashland is at a higher elevation and is north facing. The snow there is generally better & doesn't turn mushy as fast as it does at Shasta. Mt. Ashland has more advance terrain than Shasta. As for foggy conditions, the mountain is usually only foggy when it is snowing.

Shasta is a better choice if you are looking for intermediate terrain (something Mt. Ashland lacks) or if you are looking for a huge terrain park. In fact, Mt. Shasta is so into terrain parks it has incorporated it into its name.

The drive from Klamath to Ashland via Hwy. 66 can be hairy that time of year. The last 15 miles in very windy and hard on people that get car sick. You might also have to deal with dense fog in the valley on the last section but that is good because when its foggy in the valley its sunny on the mountain. After skiing I would recommend stopping in Ashland for dinner. It has some of the best restaurants in Oregon.

Now if you really want to go to an off-beat place look at Warner Canyon outside of Lakeview. Its not very big & only has a short chair but if it has snow (it gets hit hard by droughts) it will have better snow than Mt. Ashland, Mt. Shasta and often Mt. Bachelor.
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Thanks Rio....

At this point I think I am leaning towards Shasta. I dont know that I would be able to utilize the terrain available at Ashland and Shasta would make more sense. I will keep an eye on snow reports though and consider Warner Canyon once I get up there. I have always liked that part of the state and the drive over is kind of interesting. Thanks for the tip on that.

I hear you on Hwy 66. Not sure I would want to try it in the winter. I remember using it in the summer and it would get hairy due to the log trucks. Highway 140 past Lake of the Woods into Medford and then Ashland, while a bit longer is a little less stressful. Do you know if Dead Indian Rd goes all the way thru in the winter? I know they have done a lot improvement on that road, but not sure how much.

Thanks again.


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Dead Indian is plowed during the winter but not as diligently as Hwy 140 or Hwy 66. If it is storming your safest bet is Hwy 140 which gets the most resources to keep it open.
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Why don't you push it into Mt. Bachelor?
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I agree with Rio. Mt. Ashland is best if you like steeper shots, and don't mind narrow runs.

If you prefer open cruisers, Shasta is definitely a better bet. Most people prefer Shasta. But, Ashland produces some excellent young skiers due to its challenging terrain.

Finally, avoid Hwy 66 if you can. A slow, winding, nauseating road, especially in winter.
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Shasta is sucking right now. Rained on and a not open. Assland is opening the 9th. Bachy is xcellent now and worth the extra miles.
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Thanks for all the input guys....

At this point I think I will just hold off on making a decision about the Friday day trip and decide once I get to Klamath.

Definitely looking forward to Bachelor on that Monday and Tuesday. Looks like they have as much snow now as they did when I went up last year in late February and it will probably only get better.


"I know you can fight, it's our wits that make us men."
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