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Ankle injury and Ski Boot question

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I am finally getting back to skiing after ankle surgery to remove bone chips in the joint a little more than two weeks ago. I was given the clear to return to skiing by my doctor and did so this past friday night. Everything felt decent but I could use more padding around the ankle area and my foot went to sleep after about three runs. I'm currently skiing in Dolomite Sintesi 8.5" and I have a chance demo/purchase just about any pair of ski boots that I want (I work at a ski resort).

Anyway, getting to the question, the current run of soft boots has caught my attention. I can get great deals on Dolomite dc 70's or 100's, Rossi soft 1's, and Salomon verse boots through the resort shops. While I haven't done any on snow demo's, I tried on a pair of Rossi soft 2's and found them to be very very soft in the forward flex. I was wondering if all soft boots are this way? Has anyone tried out a pair of Dolomites or Salomon Verse CF's? If so, what did you think? I don't mind forward flex......in fact, I would like to have a good bit softer flex than my dolomites as I can't seem to flex the tongue at all right now, but the rossi soft 2's felt excessively flexy on the showroom floor. I was interested in the Nordica smartech 12's and Kneissl Rail scandiums, but I can't get them through our resort shops and can't find them anywhere online.

Any input or advice would be greatly appreciated. While I can demo quite a few boots, the demo shop at the resort only has limited sizes in soft boots and their only the Dolomite DC 60's. Even though I can get great deals on boots, I don't want to throw away money on a boot that I won't like after using it a few runs into a day. I'm bascially looking for a comfortable boot that still is capable of fast cruising, as I won't be jumping or doing bumps and many steeps for a long time this winter. BTW, I am 6' and weigh about 230 lbs, ski Volant Machette G's w/ Salomon s912 bindings if that makes any difference. Thanks for your help.
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For the most part, you don't really need a stiff flexing boot now as long as it's still side to side because of shaped skis. As for the Nordica Smartech, I wasn't too happy with the way it felt on my foot. The cables dug into my instep more than I would have wanted. The problem with the the rossi soft, imho is that there's still plastic in the places that caused alot of ppl problems. I would say try checking out the lower end tecnicas for a soft flexing boot that fits well. It's a plastic shell, but very easy to slip on imho with the new design [img]smile.gif[/img] Also, try looking at the non-soft salomon boots. I've put people in them who've had ankle surgery, bunion surgery, etc, and they've really loved them [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Hmm, that is one thing I didn't think about with the Nordica's, thanks for bringing that to my attention. I have to try something with more padding/material around the ankle joint, as my right boot has been stretched to make a better fit, but it's still not comfortable in the ankle zone. I'm thinking/hoping that the more padding of the current soft boots will give me that additional comfort, thus allowing me to stay on the slope for more than two or three runs at a time.

I have got to find a way to demo a pair of salomon verse cf's and rossi soft 1's though. I will give technica another shot, but my past experiences with technica boots have been painful.....as they all seem to narrow for my wide foot.

Basically, the problem I am having isn't really with the flex, but rather with the tight "clamped" feeling that I am getting around my right ankle no matter how loose I buckle my dolomites. It got to the point that I felt like I was swimming in the boot, losing all control of my right ski. It's still a little swollen and will be this size for about 4 months (that's what the dr is saying), so I gotta find something with enough padding and support to get rid of the vise feeling.

I guess I just really need to find a highly knowledgable boot fitter!

Thanks for your insight and knowledge, gives me a starting point......I'm to anxious to get back on the snow at this point, hence why it might seem like I am rushing to find answers.
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Sorry for not being more specific.

Tecnica makes boots that say "HVL" on them which stand for high volume last. That's what I wanted to point you towards [img]smile.gif[/img] Another ones you might consider might be dalbellos or strolz(not many places carry the latter) which are in general higher volume lasts. But just because it's a high volume last doesn't mean it will fit. Everyone has different needs...some people have wide ankles, but narrow forefoot, etc. But a boot fitter taking a look at your foot first would be the best bet [img]smile.gif[/img]

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you're 230# and can't flex the 8.5?s wazzup with that???; I dunno, I have the same model, weigh only 150#, and they flex just right - - - Sure they were stiff when new, but I have worn them a good bit, though....are yours broken in???

If not, the issue is simply swelling - - - I would suggest you try the thinnest sock available (if you are not using it already), in the healing foot. Like wigwam ultimax - - - it has some kind of synthetic silk in the heel...try it out.

Lemme know if it works.
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Steve, it's not that I can't flex the boot under normal circumstances, but with my ankle the way it is right now I can't flex the boot due to pain incurred when doing so. When I got the boots near the end of last season, they were perfect. I can't put that much pressure on the front of my 8.5 without feeling a shooting pain throughout the front of my ankle. It's not a crippling pain, just very uncomfortable and kinda like a shock when it happens.....forcing me back on the tails of the skis very quickly. When I tried on a pair of soft boots in the shop, I bent my knees and pushed forward on the boots and didn't feel that pain or at least didn't notice any pain like I feel with my dolomites. My thinking is that the somewhat stiff flex (comparatively speaking) of the 8.5's and the "clamped" feeling can be solved with a softer flex and a more padded liner, but I could be totally off on this one.

I am not highly educated in boot fitting (only know what I have been shown and told by the shops boot fitting guru's), I just know that I want to ski without pain, discomfort, and a foot that keeps going to sleep no matter how loose I leave my boots. I'm just searching for answers that will help me stay out on the slopes for more than a few runs at a time (last night I was only able to make 2 runs before having to take my boot off to let my foot "wake" from that numb feeling). Maybe I am having a bigger problem and am pushing things a bit, I am just way to anxious to get back on the slopes after sitting out the first month and a half of opening......watching everyone and hearing them talk of how great it was killed me!

I will try the sock thing though. The current socks I wear are pretty thin, but I will see if I can find thinner somewhere somehow.
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In my purely non-medical opinion, it sounds like you have an inflammation issue, not a boot fit issue. Until the inflammation inside your ankle disappears or reduces, I'm not sure you'll find a boot that you'll be happy in. As much as it pains you, I would think about staying off the slopes another week or two to reduce the swelling. Check with your doc about what you can do to reduce swelling in those two weeks and follow the advice religiously. Having come back from an ankle injury too early once, I'll never do it again. There's a difference between being "cleared for skiing" and being "ready for skiing."
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As much as I hate to say it, your probably right. When the doc said "I don't see why you couldn't return to skiing", I was super happy and sorta deaf to anything else at that point. Guess I either need to take up freestyle tubing or get a second job as a groomer, anything to get out on the slopes!
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oh well....if ultrathin socks don't work, you might try to get an extra liner from a dolomite.....they shifted to heat-moldable foam last year (mine are from year before that, and are standard material)... I know dolomite sells replacement liners for the 9.5s which might fit an 8.5...maybe a sympathetic dolomite rep will help you out.

There's always ice and ibuprofen, i guess.
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I don't want to throw away money on a boot that I won't like after using it a few runs into a day.

Ok, J..Happy Hollidays!
You need to completly change your thinking here...all of your current plans and most of the advice I have read here will make your situation worse...you might as well hang up your skis and go golfing...the party is over if you dont take a more mechanical approach...I will solve this one later...have to run for now!
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Angelfood, I'm simply going on advice that I got from my doctor and from one of the best boot fitters I know up here. Before and after surgery, I had more than one boot fitter highly encourage me to look into soft boots. Seeing as how they should and do know tons more about the foot and how they relate to a specific boot, I took their advice serious and began searching. I only asked a question here to see if anyone had experience with any of the brands I was told to look into. Any advice or insight you could add to my situation would be greatly appreciated. I only got back to serious skiing last season, after about 8 years of boarding and only skiing maybe 10 times total during that time. I know very little about ski boots and would never claim to, but I know how I would like something to fit...and that includes without pain or my foot going numb after a few runs. I know there has to be something I can do, or rather the shop can do, to make my boots perfect or get me in a perfect substitute for now..........but I don't know what, that's why I asked here. Thanks for all the help I have gotten so far though, it's getting me closer to a solid answer.
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