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Old dog, old skis, old tricks

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Saturday, as a fitting end to my ski season at Mt. Snow Vt., I grabbed my oldest skis for a "retro finale"! I ski them "seldom".

K2 710 "Race Sloloms in 178 cm length. circa 1980.

Bindings, Marker MRR with the "you gotta pull these heel pieces up" configuration.
Bending over to put your skis on is a great warmup before venturing out on the slopes!

Oh baby! these things are as straight as a nunnery!

Conditions. Frozen in the morning, warming to nice soft spring conditions by noon, followed by heavy rain just before 4:00.

First runs were "exploratory". For some reason, I did not "trust" these guys, and spent a lot of time rocking back and forth looking for the sweet spot. I began to question that the binding angle had the toes a bit high due to the AFD.

Runs on hard snow showed less grip than provided by my Volkl G3's. I expected this.
Loading up the tips, and rolling the knees sent me off in the same as intended. Hey, these "old skis" work just the way the new ones do!
I did experience a much more lively action between the skis than I was used too. Crud buster's these are not! Independent leg action nothing! I had to stay on my game just to keep the legs going the same direction!

With the snow softening as the day warmed, I found the ski's would "fall through" the surface of some of the little used runs that had been untracked for several days . This made "pure carved turns" difficult.

When the bumps softened, I ventured in with very pleasing results. Carve and slice was the prescription for fun.

By days end, the snow had softened everywhere, with crud/bumps pushing up on all the runs. These little skis took it all in stride.

By the end of the day, with the rain soaking the snow in the heaviest of spring conditions, I took the last run down from the top.

I was again getting the feel for these " Old skis" and put together a run of Short, medium, and long radius turns that anyone would have been happy with.

During the day, many comments were heard in support of "seeing the old stuff out on the mountain". As well as "who in h**l is sking this old crap" as the skis leaned against the summit rescue ski rack.

I had great fun! I was very glad to "rediscover" that skis are skis". And will now retire these permanently in favor of some older, unidentified Swiss Army, Alpine mountaineering equipment that I "save" for special occaisions.

Any skiing is better than no skiing!

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Those are great, great old skis.

They were the first "real" skis I owned but I had them mounted with the MR instead of MRR. They were also the first skis I ever carved a turn on and stopped, immediately after the turn and said "So THAT'S how it's supposed to feel!"

I next bought a pair of 712's...then a pair of KV somethings (pink!)...then a pair of KVCs...then a pair of SLCs...and finally, recently bought a pair of Axis X.

Unfortunately, I don't have the first 3 pairs. I wish I did, as they would look sweet lined up in my garage [img]smile.gif[/img]
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