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Lake Placid Nightlife

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Does anyone know what to expect for nightlife in Lake Placid on a mid-January Sunday and Monday night. I wouldn't imagine things would be too happening (or would they?), but what would be the best options for some guys in the late twenties and early thirties?
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Funny you ask....

Well, since it is Sunday night, I fit your demographic, and happen to be in LP at this moment I can help you out a bit.

There will be slightly more going on a month from now. Currently the best thing in town is Va Tech vs. Duke on ESPN.


1) The Lake Placid Brewpub for Apre ski. If you are there on a Tuesday they have 2 for 1 beer specials. It is hot or miss for talent, but a mandatory stop for an UBU ale and a quick glance at the crowd. Laid back atmosphere. The Brepub used to have a great food and a great looking wait staff, unfortunately the standards have dropped in the past year for both food and hostesses.

2) The Cottage is a bit more attractive to the ladies. Can have a good crowd but is hit or miss on Monday and Tuesday. Not a real drinking bar. But does have a cool location on the lake and decent food.

3) Zigzags is a drinking bar on mainstreet. You can't miss the bobsled out front. This is a just a bunch of good ol boys and their women drinking, playing pool and darts, and smoking out front. If you are bent on getting polluted this is a good spot to do so.

4) Lisa G's has good casual food and a good local crowd.

Hope this helps.
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Thanks for the quick reply. Sounds like a bit of a pub crawl might be in order. Are all these spots withing walking distance?
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Within walking and stumbling distance of each other.

Lots of lodging in LP. You can get great deals at the Crowne Plaza and Hilton that give you lift tix. Also a lot of good mom and pop motels. The Townhouse Lodge has "family rooms" which are really 2 room suites with a King in one room and 2 twins in the other room. These rooms are great for 3 guys if you are looking for clean, simple cheap rooms. The Best Western Golden Arrow has the best indoor pool, Jacuzzi, steam room.

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what about heading to saranac for the nite life...we did 8 bars in 1 hour...

those were the days
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What's the scene like in Saranac? I can't imagine why it would be more happening there than in Lake Placid.
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thinkin it was a college town
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A college town you say?

Would there be anything going on Sunday or Monday?
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Nite Life

I always try to stay in Montreal when I ski Lake Placid. It's tough to get their before noon though after Wanda's.
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Saranac Lake a college town?
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Originally Posted by ElkMountainSkier
Saranac Lake a college town?
The college is Paul Smiths College, I think. Two programs are offered: 1) hotel management and 2) chainsawin.
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There we a shit load of bars and ran into a couple of girls that i went to same high school i went to "circa 1976" we were up there on a binge and 7 of us were staying on lake placid at a friends house...we really hit every bar on the main drag and i thought the number was 8
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