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Nordica Hot Rod Boots?

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Has anyone actually bought a pair or at least skied 'em?

I checked "search" but only got collateral references.
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I own a pr. and ski them most of the time. They are a 98mm Dobie last but in a slightly softer flex.

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Hi Jim,

Thanks for the response!!

What other boots do you like/or have now besides the hot rod?

Any idea how the forefoot width compares to a Lange 120 comp MF or a tecnica diablo pro?

Any beefs w/ the Hot Rod??
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I also ski in a Lange 130 LF occasionally. The HR is the first non-Lange that I have owned in 20 years. The forefoot width on the HR would be narrower than the Lange MF but the Lange tapers faster from the met heads toward the rear. The Nordica has slightly more volume and less defined shape in the rear foot. It remains to be seen, but I suspect the HR liner may pack out faster than I would like but for now the fit is great.

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Thanks SJ.
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