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Are these bindings any good?

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I'm talking about Marker Twincams, 1998. The bindings also have "M27V" and "V-Tech" inscribed in them. Are these bindings "on the list"? Will a ski shop work on them, and most importantly, are they considered to be safe bindings? If anyone can check on this for me, I would be most appreciative. Thanks muchly,

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Currently indemnified bindings by major makers are listed on the Peter Kelty website: http://www.techsupportforskiers.com/

Pick "bindings" from the "gear" choices and click on "indemnification list".

Looks like M27V remains a serviceable model.
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Yay! And thanks for the the link, too [img]smile.gif[/img].
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Grolby did you ever buy those old straight skis? I've got a pair of Atomic ARC 190cm - never been drilled. I noticed you live in MA - if you can arrange pick up you can have them for free. Besides being behind the times technology wise they are in pristine condition. I figure someone should use them instead of having them sit in my basement.
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I haven't bought the skis yet, though the option is open to me. Sadly, your skis really aren't an option for me. Even if they're straight they're way too long - I'm 5'5" and a tad over, so I'm just too short. If they're shaped, then they are REALLY overkill. Thank you very much for the kind offer though.
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Hmmm, I actually just thought that they may be useful nonetheless, as a trading item. Since you are so generously offering them for free, it would be unfair of me to actually sell them though... you can give this some thought, I don't know if I'm comfortable with the idea myself. Feel free to email me - I believe I have made my email address public, if not you can leave me a PM.


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I don't use them and most likely never will - you can have them - if you can trade them for something better more power to you.
I was going to sell them on ebay, but never got around to it and didn't want to deal with the shipping.
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Well, I don't see how I couldn't accept. The one thing standing in the way is distance - Medfield is a bit of a trek from where I live (Pepperell, near Groton, Ayer, Nashua NH), probably at least an hour and a half. I might be able to do it sometime, just have to see.
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Hey, Grolby, before the shapes, I skied 207's and I'm only an inch taller than you. Course, I'm probably way heavier.

But I used to ski regularly with a couple guys who can't be more than 5'3" and probably weigh almost 100 lbs less than I do who skied 205's.
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Kneale, the thing is that you were used to that, and of course, you are much heavier. I've done all my skiing on shaped skis, so moving up to 190 straights would probably get me killed, most likely as I plow into a tree. The thing that I like about the 170 cm K2s I was looking at was that they were a length I could turn more easily, had good flex, and a surprisingly deep sidecut. I suppose I could survive on 190s, but I doubt I would be doing anything else. The key to good skiing is good offensive technique, not survival, so I just doubt that actually using the 190s would be a good idea.
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