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Freestyle Skis

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Hello I'm looking to buy my first set of skis, and have no idea where to begin.

I'm Male, 19, 145 lbs, and 6'2". I've been skiing since I've been really little, and am pretty good, but I'm no "expert" level skier. The skis I've used have just been rentals recommended to me by the people at the hill.

Last year I bought a cheap pair of K2 Fatties at a sale, just for kicks, and got to like the terrain park quite a bit. Now, I'd like to get some full-length skis to own. I know I want twin-tipped skis, so I can do jumps and such backward, but that's about it. I'm not looking for an all-terrain park ski, because I'd like to enjoy the rest of the ski hill as well. Also, I'm a poor college student, so I'd like a good ski, but I can't really spend much more than $400. And I mostly ski in Wisconsin, which has kinda crappy snow, a lot of it man-made, if that makes a difference.

If someone could point me in the right direction, so maybe I can narrow it down to a couple of skis that I can demo, that would be much appreciated!


p.s. What length of ski should I get? I've heard many different things from different people.

p.p.s. Where should I mount the binding? Right in the middle?
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Wow, im preatty sure you just described the K2 Public Enemy, you can pick up last years for cheap, around $270 new, and this years for ummm.... i dont remember. But i ski them in wisconson too, and i ski about 60 all mountain, and 40 park, and i love them.

To mount them? Center mounting would be if you wanted to ski them in almost oly the park, i hear mounting them +3 is a very good all around setting, as a rule, the farther forward from sole center the more park they are, and the closer to sle center the more all mountain. as for the numbers, there is a guide on the side of the ski, on last years model at least, I havent seen this years.
I am not too sure about size, but, i would say you should probably go with 169 for last years, and mabey 174 for this years, but that is just a guess.
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Personally, I'd also recomend the PE (last years or two years ago), but I'm also biased, this is the third year I've skied PE's. There are some really good deals to be found on least years PE's though, I picked up a pair with demo plates for $190. The onlny thing I didn't like was they're mounted +6, I like my PE's mounted +3.

If you went with a +2 or +3 mount, you should have minimal impact on all-mountain performance, while giving you a little bit more in the park.

Given your height the 179 comes to mind, but you might want to consider the 169 (given your weight) as well, it holds up surprizingly well.
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