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What size slaloms for a girl?

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I am purchasing a set of 2001 Dynsatar Speed STC slaloms for my sister. Although she is 20, she is very small...4'11" and weighs 97lbs., so I am buying junior models. Should I go with 150cm or 140cm. She is an advanced skier looking for slaloms for the groomed runs in the Northeast. No gates! Thanks.
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Hi Jeel,

There are plenty of 180-200 pound guys out there skiing on 160cm slaloms.

Seems to me you want to go very short!!!!!

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This is one that you should probably think through a bit. "Advanced" is quite a relative term and she may be better off on an all around ski, a "slalom cut" perhaps.

My son is a J-4 racer and for his age (12), he pretty advanced. At 93 pounds, he is on a 138 slalom; his GS will be 149's.

At 20, her muscular development and the ability to generate power and bend the ski will matter here. Our rep indicates that regarding the Stockli skis that my son has, the weights are in the acceptable range but are close to the limits. Check with the Dynastar folks to make sure she will not overwhelm a kids ski.

Many of the kids skis are more "race motif" than actual race skis. Check the local library for the first editions of Ski or Skiing Magazine, they had a whole section that detailed most of the kids line and that may give you some insight. They did a pretty nice job on the race skis.
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Thanks for the help. By advanced, I mean a level 6-7 skier. Not anywhere near expert level. I was looking to pick up a junior race slalom to be used as a groomer. Any more advice is appreciated.
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Unless you are planning on getting her junior bindings as well, there is the issue of the thickness of the skis underfoot. Most junior skis are thinner than their adult counterparts, and adult bindings with their longer screws just won't mount there.

That said, I found the junior version of the Atomic SL9 to be incredibly stiff for a ski targeted at small people.

I'd still stick with the shortest adult slalom you can find instead of putting her on a junior ski. Some of the rec slaloms (Mach S or 9.12) are soft enough that they are quite forgiving. In a 140 or even a 150, they might be the way to go.
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I have 2 daughters that are solid racers. Both are at 125 to 135lbs, and both are on 150's.

I would recommend a 140. The Atomic SL 9 is available in a 140. I would also look at the junior Fischer or the Rossi.
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