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I love Cloudveil

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I tried on some of their stuff the other day. Fits amazingly well. Price is good, the gear looks to be well made.
I'm quickly becoming a convert.

I got my fiance a Cloudveil jacket (Koven) a few years ago and have grown very jealous of it...the hood especially (fits very well over helmets and never seems to be in the way.

Anyone know anything about Cloudveil as a company? All I know is they are out of Jackson Hole, WY.

I'd like to know others' opinions of them, both as a company and about their products.
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I may be wrong on some of this....and some points are my personal feelings......

They are trying to get as large as possible marketwise without going to Northface route and completely loosing track of their initial consumer niche.

They do make good stuff, never owned anything from them but their serendipity jacket was close runner up to my arc'teryx gamma when i had to make a purchase choice 3 years ago.

I'm not sure where cloudveil makes most of it's stuff but I hope it's still in-house or at least in the US and not china or bangladesh....better to go the arc'teryx path than the northface way.....
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Interesting story.

They make good stuff.
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I like them too. I wear a lot of their clothes, all my soft shell stuff is from them. (And I only use a UL hard shell under bad rain).

Great people, and their current set of ads are good. (Big wall and ski bum are my favorites.)

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