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Binding dummy question

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Look P10's

I have two pairs of boots, 301 mm rossignols (mmm slippers) and 307 mm Lange.

obviously the Rossis are just too short to fit into my bindings which are set up for the Langes. Teaching my daughter I would like to use my Rossi's as they are like slippers and I could care less if I wreck them.

I assume simply turning the big philips screw head on the rear of the biding plate will move the heel peice forward.

my question is how does one ensure the correct pressure or release setting? is this done via the screw on the heel peice IE Signature Look cylinder barrel or via the above mentioned plate adjuster?

Question#2 is any configuration required for differing boot toe shapes?
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#2 all boot toes (for look bindings) the same, the looks have auto adjust for that.

#1 not sure
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