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All Purpose Coat

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Hey everyone, this is my first post. Well sicne winter is here, i really need a new Ski Jacket/ All Purpose jacket. Now i know theres a different jacket for every kind of condition these days, But is there a winter coat that I will be able to use for skiing, aswell as surviving the cold walking the streets of Manhattan. If there is nothing that versatile, then an all around good Ski Jacket will do.

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Since youre interested in a versatile survival coat for NYC, perhaps I can interest you in this little gem from the Museum of Modern Art.

Final Home Jacket
Kosuke Tsumura, 1995

Made of nylon, this clever coat is designed to serve as a nomadic home in the event of a disaster. The ample pockets may be filled with newspapers for warmth, or used for storing personal belongings, food, maps, and other survival gear. Hand-wash with cold water or dry clean. One size fits all. $215 ctId=32228

This has got to be one of the silliest products for urban yuppies Ive ever seen. You bet I would spend $215 for a nylon shell with giant pockets that you can stuff newspapers into, and which is so incredibly rugged that it needs to be hand washed. I particularly like the way they backlit it in the photo so that the "survival" supplies in the pockets can be seen: 1-banana, 1-CD and 1-bottle of soda :

All in all, Id prefer one of Campmore's cagoules for $36 & I think blue makes an appropriate color statement for the circumstances in which it is designed to be used.


PS - Sorry to derail your thread, but I just got this ad today and it was just too funny to pass up. Hope you get some serious answers.
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My favorite ski parka when I'm not in ski school uniform is a shell jacket under which I can layer for circumstances. If I ever had to wear a suit again (not part of my life-style wardrobe since 1969), this type of shell would go over the suit coat.

What I use is a high-end waterproof/breathable shell with no insulation. Currently it's a DNA (Descent North America) shell. I can wear it with a T-shirt on really warm days, or add a turtleneck, a fleece, a down vest, etc. I've worn it skiing in 50 degree (F) temps with sunshine and as low as a chilly15-below-zero blizzard. Maybe two fleeces for the latter.
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Exposure 2 from MH.
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I bought a Oakley coat a few years ago and it has been great both on hill and off.

Descente makes great stuff but big bucks and styling tends to be dated.

Columbia 3 in one systems are cheap and very well made. 22
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NorthFace also has a 3 piece system. Parka, Fleece, and Shell and zip in/out depending your needs. You could potential wear the fleece under the parka zipped into the Shell. Shell is Goretex too.

Gotta find'em on sale or it is a pricey solution.
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