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Hi all, need some advise

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I'm looking into picking up a new set of ski's. I'm 34, 6'1 - 190lbs.

My current ski's are K2 enemy 109/75/97w/Marker m1000 bindings. I ski the majority of groomed trails and since I'm in the mid west they tend to be very icey or hardpacked conditions.

I consider myself a very fast and aggresive skier. I have been reading a lot of good things about the ficher rx8. I also have been looking at the K2 2006 model of the Crossfire. I know the crossfire has changed from 05 so without hearing "Demo it" - I don't have the chance to demo ski's. With that being said I've heard the crossfire is a damp ski.. is this because of the piston control bindings or the nature of the ski? Also, would you say that the RX8 & 06 Crossfire would fit in the same category? I need a superior ICE/Hardpack ski and be able to handle the bumps. Smooth and comfortable at high speed. Are these the ski's I should be looking at?

Thanks - Mike
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Hi Chicago Mike,

This is Mike, From Chicago!

I would recommend the RX-8. I use the World Cup RC, but had a chance to ski my sons new RX-8 in a 175 over Thanksgiving weekend in Vermont. Here is my review.

"Ski: Fischer 175cm RX-8
Comments: I spent 3 hours on the RX-8 while my son sat the morning out. This is another great ski with multiple personalities. I enjoyed the edge to edge quickness and the slalom like turn shapes that are very accessible. The ski is very cooperative at all speeds. At 175cm, it will give you long turns with superb stability and then throw down a series of rapid shorties like it was a 165cm Atomic SL:11. At one point I followed a couple of local skiers on racing slalom skies and I was able to duplicate there pencil-line tracks with no problem.

The ski is not tiring or demanding. A great ski for the experienced users looking for a great on-piste ride. My son found the ski very stable in the soft natural snow at Killington. He was using it as a crud-buster with no problem. A great ski for all East-Coast conditions."

The 175cm length was ideal for my 210Lb, 5"11" frame. You could also use this size if you are seeking high speed stability, or ski it in a 170cm if you want added quickness. The remarkable feature of the ski is its total versatility. All speeds, all turn shapes, carving or soft edge technique, Ice, crud or moderately deep snow are all easily performed by this superb ski. Keep your K2 for bottomless snow and you will be king of the mountain!



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Can't help you but welcome to the forum.

Barrettscv has some good advice.
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I have yet to read anything negative about the RX8. By everybody's account that has skied it its a superb ski. It looks to be a very sure thing if you're looking for that description of a ski.
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Hi Mike,
I recently went through the ski purchasing delima.Two skis that stand out from my demos for very fast and aggressive skiing are the "Fischer RX8 and Atomic SX11.

I tried the RX8 in a 170cm and weigh about 165 lbs. The Fischer feels very light, in fact it sometimes feels like it's not there at all. It's very good at making short turns and can still handle bursts of speed. It's not as unruly going straight as some of the other modern shaped skis, though it still prefers to be on edge. It feels good slow or fast, in a relatively wide variety of turn shapes.

The atomic SX11 feels very solid and smooth, I really liked it. It's only downside is that it takes more effort to make short quick turns, and I was specifically looking for a short-turner as I have a good pair of long straight skis for high-speed blasting, should I get the urge to do that (too long and straight for conditions in Ontario). I guess Atomic makes an SL 11 for short turns. I haven't demoed them, so I will let someone else comment on their suitability.

I actually ended up with a deal on Fischer WC SCs, based on extrapolating the RX8 behaviour. You might also want to look into a Fischer WC RC.
The truth is there are no dogs at the top end. It's just a matter of deciding what turn radius you want and what feel you prefer.
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Thanks, great info guys.

I picked up a set of 2006 RX8's today 170. A local dealer here sold me the pair w/binding system for $735 plus tax which to me was a good deal that I couldn't pass on. They told me the pair comes with a 2 year warranty which sold me even more. They look like a well built ski. I'll give a report after my first outing. Thanks again for all the added info. I think I just needed some reassurance that my money was going to be well spent.
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RX8 ski and binding retails for about $1,100 so the price you paid is very good. Enjoy and ski in confidence, you got a very good ski at a very good price.
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