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Delta: Skiiers/Boarders BEWARE - Page 2

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i flew Delta/Sky West to SLC from Calgary last week and back no issues
same for some guys that met me there with two pairs of long skis in their bags....
as for the original posters coffee press(if i think it is what it is, pack it inside your ski boots or in the middle of the bag)
like you can't get coffee everywhere?
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Thanks guys for the updates. Going to be bringing two pairs then, hoping conditions allow me to use just the ANTs . In the mean time I'm heading down to Fernie...
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Never check your boots! Always carry them on board.
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Can you carry boots without a bag as checked luggage? If not I'll find some crappy nylon bag for them.

I was foolish to think that luggage couldn't get screwed up on a direct flight I guess
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I don't feel too bad for the "airline industry". My wife was a flight attendant at NW Airlines. They spent years operating very FAT. People got paid for sitting around doing nothing. How do I know? My wife was a jr. flight attendant for a number of those years, and she sat on the ground on call and got paid for it. MANY days...

9/11 - she made it through a year after that. Three days before we got married she got her layoff notice. WONDERFUL! They laid her off sure enough, and kept all the old crabby sr. FA's flying - until the holidays rolled around. then they wanted her back - so the old bags could have Christmas and all the weekends off - again, they would sit on the ground and be paid during the week to do nothing. Smart. Then they take people with an annual salary of about $20K, and try to take away the few benefits and pay they had, all so those FAT BASTARDS in management could keep 5 houses all over the US at the prime vacation spots (yes - I researched this... The bastards sold their stock "magically" just before they declared bankruptcy...NICE!!! I smell a little BS in the air.). I don't cry for them. They f'd my wife BIG TIME. 3 years later, they tried to call her back again - NOPE. Not a chance in hell! Management keeps getting paid for running a failing business though. Nice. I won't shed a tear. I'll drive to my destinations. I'm okay with that. "F" 'em.

I could go on...why bother???
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I got sweated about snowboard boots in my carry-on, but they were clicker boots that have a metal 'shank' in the sole for the step-in binding interface. They let me bring them on, but I'll check them in the future. Regular ski boots tied together with a bit of nylon webbing should be OK. They only fear what they don't know (odd gear like clicker boots...)
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Originally Posted by gramboh View Post
I hope TSA isn't hard on this two ski rule as I really want to bring two pairs.
TSA couldn't care how many skis are in the bag. That's an airline rule, not TSA. Keep in mind that depending on the airport, sometimes for oversize stuff like ski bags the oversize goes over to a special TSA screening point (for example, United at Boston for skis and oversize TSA is right inside their counters), rather than on the baggage conveyor at the check-in counter. So TSA might open the bag up there, rather than X-ray it downstairs with the regular checked luggage.

If that screening point is right at the check-in area, an airline employee might see the two pairs in the bag. Depending on their attitude ("this airline sux so let they take the extra weight - the airline will have to pay for it - serves them right" versus "this airline sux so I'm certainly not going to give the damn customers who want cheap fares a break - it's their fault they're replacing us with automated kiosks programmed from India next month") they may or may not hassle you. Those do appear to be the two most common airline employee attitudes these days.

Wrap the 2 pair up with enough padding from fleece etc. so that it's not obvious there are two pair in the bag, and you're probably good to go as long as the weight is under the 50 pounds.

Originally Posted by gramboh View Post
I plan on printing the policy and bringing it with me just incase.
Always a good idea. I've had to do that more than once with Delta, United, Air Canada, and Alitalia among others. Yet on other flights on the same airlines, no problem at all. It's really a crapshoot these days as to whether the check-in agent a) knows the rules, and b) cares at all about what you paid for.
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