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It seems like everyone needs a fight before doing the right thing.
I'm on the phone at least once a month with any given company trying to straighten out whatever it is they screwed up. It's been that way for years
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Originally Posted by sjjohnston
That all depends on how you look at costs. Once you're flying the plane, the marginal cost of putting an additional person on it is virtually zero. So the last seat you sell for $100 makes you a $100 profit. That is, of course, assuming you're flying anyway ... which gets into a whole range of issues, like what sort of schedule you need to fly in order to sell business tickets, etc., etc.

The post made good points, but I felt compelled to throw in that note for some obscure reason.
Yeah, after reading it, it wasn't as clear as I had hoped. The point was that if every seat was filled with a discount fare, the cost top operate the plane would exceed the revenue generated on the flight. The only way they have revenue exceed costs is with 1st class, business class and non-refundable fares.
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After Ant's experience I thought I had better check United's website cause we are flying LAX/denver with them. They allow 2 pieces of 23 kg each, and a boot bag and ski bag count as one piece - and the combined weight of boot and ski bag cannot exceed 23kg.

So I'd better make sure I distribute the weight across my suitcase and ski bag. Last time I went we were allowed 2 pieces of 32 kg, which we still are allowed on our international flight. Our domestic connection was purchased separately so they could get picky
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They allow pretty much anything. Yuh just gotta pay for it.
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I didn't read the thread but just flew out and back to Co via Delta and got home last night.

They are cancelling a lot of early flights, and I did have a baggage problem.

I did not see anything about an additional charge.

On the way out, I had 2 pair in a soft bag and they did open it to search it (without me there). Well because of the bindings and plates it is very tight fit. They were unable to zip it again so it arrived partly open (about 2' unzipped) with some tuning tools scattered around in the bag.

Three poles were orig. tucked into the bag between the skis, but the bag arrived with one of the handles shoved through the end of the bag (about a 3" hole there now). I'm guessing a pissed off baggage handler.
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Bummer end to a great trip, UL!
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They, and United, have horrific baggage handlers. Last season and this season, my coffee plunger survived the trip across the Pacific (on Qantas), well packed in the middle of my duffle. And neither plunger survived the US domestic hop. My bags weren't heavy, and there's no excuse for it.
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Originally Posted by ant
They, and United, have horrific baggage handlers. Last season and this season, my coffee plunger survived the trip across the Pacific (on Qantas), well packed in the middle of my duffle. And neither plunger survived the US domestic hop. My bags weren't heavy, and there's no excuse for it.
Sorry to hear you had this experience, Ant. A few years ago, I had a bag damaged beyond repair while flying Delta between Albany and Cincinnati. I didn't get much satisfaction in dealing with the Delta reps at the Albany airport, so I emailed their customer service. That same day, someone from the airline called me. I explained the situation and he asked me to ship the damaged bag to them so they could inspect it (they paid for the FedEx costs). Within 2-3 days, the same fellow called me back and said while they weren't sure that Delta was responsible for the damage, they would pay for a replacement bag. All I had to do was supply them with estimates for a similar bag, and they cut me a check to reimburse me. Delta may not always be my first choice of airlines and I fly a lot, but they did right by me. You might try contacting the main customer service department at their headquarters and explain what happened--good luck!
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A few hints/side notes.

A few years ago I was traveling with someone when their bags were lost...when the arrived at the condo the FOLLOWING evening with the bags they couldn't understand why there was no front desk at the "hotel" so they took the bags back to the airport. The 3rd night the bags did arrive and they called to find 2:30 AM...they said they were parked out front and couldn't find us..I told them to stay right there and I would come out....any guesses as to what happened next ?

Now on the rare events when I fly, a FULL CHANGE of ski clothes, boots, pass, gloves, goggles, etc. etc. are in the carry on.

Because I had 4 pair to get west this season, I shipped 2 via UPS....non event, $ 40.00 to ship and I paid to insure for retail price...another $ 17.00. I was lucky to have friends where I travel to. That was the way to go...I could pay $ 40.00 to ship them or $ 40.00 to replace the bag.
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Being that I am on a roll here.......I am due to head west again in about 3 weeks. Here is a cost breakdown flying vs driving to go 1985 miles from the east coast to Summit County CO. last round trip was $ 250....If I had to park at the airport for my Jan trip the cost would be another $150. Gas to and from the airport $ 10. One lost ski day each way (travel)

Drive...Gas and tolls (assumes $ 2.00/gal) $240...Motor oil (lots of miles on the car LOL) $ 10. Two lost ski days each way.

So $ 410 to fly vs $ 250 to drive plus wear and tear on the car and two lost ski days.

Now of course if I had to rent a car (because I flew) for 4 weeks......wellllll I guess that would pretty much take the April trip out of the picture.

The 32hr drive is looking better every minute !
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Originally Posted by therusty

The intent of the policies is ONE ITEM of equipment per person. When they started this crap, many agents were trained specifically to watch out for double ski bags. I specifically got dinged for a combo ski/board bag the first year they changed the rules. We've heard stories of agents trying to charge a couple extra for trying to carry both their skis in a double bag. I wouldn't count on having a copy of Delta's web page as proof that 2 skis/person is ok. I've run into "Nazi" type agents who would force you to pay and fight for a refund later. I've also run experienced widespread confusion over what the rules are and noticed that agents have a lot of leeway. If you're persistent, patient and nice about it, you can often get away with a little extra.

I've also found that I can't fully pack my ski bag with clothes without going over the 50 lb limit. I now pack my bag and weigh it before going to the airport. I also don't do multi gear flying trips anymore because I can't pack both sets of gear without incurring PER FREAKING segment overcharges. The next time I need to do multi gear, I'm going to ship one set ahead. The only thing I have not played with is packing my heaviest crap in carry on luggage. Only a couple airlines have/enforce weight limits on carry on luggage.

Hmmm - now that I think about it, here's another thing I have not tried. Buy an extra ticket to get the extra weight allowance (that's often cheaper than the surcharges). It would be wicked funny when they tried to put a standby passenger in your "extra" seat. I wonder if they have a rule covering this.
Hello Scott here, I've been lurking for a while, this is my first post. I also have a little insight into the industry. I was a ramp rat/counter agent with Delta/Skywest at the Jackson Hole Airport for 5 yrs. You're right about the job- I got to the airport at 5:00AM and knocked the snow off, preheated the engines, deiced, loaded bags and checked in passengers. For about $8.15/hr. And free flight benefits. I pretty much flew free anytime I wanted to, on just about any airline, anywhere. First Class. That's the motivation.

You guys have a lot of things right. It's all about weight. The aircraft will only carry so much, whether passengers, bags or fuel. Throw in the less than optimum conditions at most ski area airports, add weather and you have to shift the numbers around. If the weather sucks at your destination they may bump bags to carry more fuel. Easier to bump one heavy bag and piss off one person, than 3 light bags. And hundred pound ski bags are a PITA to wrestle around in a baggage hold.

Skis are considered sporting goods and are therefore the first bags to get bumped. The rational being that if they bump your skis they can certainly rent you a pair in a ski town. Airlines all have deals with the ski shops for discounted rates. Most will offer a demo ski substitution if asked. Your bags probably aren't "lost", they just got bumped for some reason.

Stuffing your ski bag with clothes is a really bad idea. If it gets bumped, while they will pay for ski rental, they won't buy you hats,gloves, underwear, etc. You'll be SOL in the hotel bar.

Most important- Don't piss off the guy behind the counter. Think about it , he's holding all the cards. It's a good idea to carry a copy of the baggage rules, especially if you're flying out of a flatland airport. Just don't wave them around shouting like Moses with the tablets.

Remember, when you get to your destination and your skis don't, that person behind the counter is the only guy in the world that can help you. If you approach with the attitude that you're dealing with a lowlife meathead, that's what you'll get. And if it were me, you would also find that on your return trip you're seated in the rear of the airplane, in a middle seat next to the blueroom with a senior citizen by the window and an lap infant & mom in the aisle seat.: The rules are vague and, yes, the agents do have a lot of leeway.

The best idea has already been suggested- ship your skis beforehand. Ups has a great tracking system. Contact a local ski shop and arrange for them to accept shipping and hold them. No lugging skis thru airports, no lost skis, no hassles.

I'm not trying to be a smartass, just trying to explain and inform.
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BTW, yea, airlines do charge for two seats if the passenger uses two. It is again, up to the agent. Most agents won't because of the hassle and bad feelings it generates. Especially if the flight isn't full. And I also agree that there are plenty of power mad a$$holes behind ticket counters. Don't give 'em a reason.
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