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Big Stix 84 vs. Atomic R.EX

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Anyone out there have experience on these? I've read plenty on the R.EX - and it gets a pretty mixed review in the end. There seems to be much less experience with the Big 84...

Here are the best reviews I have been able to find (from http://www.techsupportforskiers.com):

Good big mountain ski, solid at speed, carves well on groomed, unshakable in broken snow, good float. Requires solid technical skills.
Dimensions: 116/84/108
Length: 168,177,184,191,198

Big 84
Versatile all terrain ski biased toward off piste skiing, but capable on the groomed as well. Smooth, easy, great edge hold, good float, quick for a big ski. Does require strong technical skills.
Dimensions: 116/84/103
Length: 175,180,185,190

I am looking for some personal experiences, recommendations, reasons to steer clear of one or the other or both...

Thanks everyone.
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If you check out some of the older threads here you will find some comments on both the R:ex and the Bigstick 84. I've skied both and they are both vary good Big Mountain skis. Truth is I liked the Fischers better then the Atomics but they both do what they are were designed to do it and do it vary well. The Fischer is a fun ride.Has a nice light feel unerfoot it turns on a dime a good ski for those that like to spend thier day in tight trees.It's Nice and smooth in beat up junk snow. A good Carver and not to bad in bumps. The Bigstick in a 180 was my top pick for a wider all mountain ski. The Atomic in a 177 came in a vary close number two. The R:ex is a more beefy demanding ski. I bought the Atomics becuse I got a great deal on them. If the one and only Fischer shop in my Area had not gone out of bussiness I would be on the Fischers. I'm vary happy with the R:ex, It fits vary well into my quiver. I wouldn't want either ski as my one and only ski. I like a ski that is more versitile for my everyday use. Like The Atomic 11:20 or my still favorite trustworthy everyday tool The Axis X in a 181.
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Thanks much, Utah.
My favorite local shop carries Fischer and Atomic (and nothing else). Your comments are very helpful - I especially liked the 'lightness' and 'ease of turning' you mention on the Big Stix (trees would be one of the places these skis go).
I had heard from some local shop monkeys that the REX could be tougher to manouever than some other choices.
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I too like the Fischer. I agree with what Utah49 said. The Fishcer is smooth and easy, but really comes alive if pushed hard, so it's the best of all worlds. I have the Big Stix in a 180 and owned the Atomic in a 184. I probably should've been on the 177 at 150 lbs. The Atomic really lays down a nice arc and slices through anything, but it does like to be on edge. The Fischer feels a bit more old school, releasing out of turns easily and floating terrain more than dicing. It does edge very well if asked. It definately bumps a bit better than the Atomic. I didn't think the Atomic feels any heavier, both skis are on the lighter end of their class. I would be happy owning either, really, but because I throw a little laziness into my skiing the Fishcer is more forgiving. It's my everyday ski.
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Pealer - thanks very much. You guys are bearing out what I've heard whispered around - Mike
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Another place to look for info on Both skis is Footloose Sports in Mammoth Ca They have a web page but I don't have the addy to thier site.
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Thanks again, Utah - Here's the Footloose URL and their Big Stix 84 review:
Lightest feeling of the wide skis. This is the slalom ski of the fat boys. NO metal and layers of carbon give this ski a snappy, quick energy that is a nice alternative in the category- most of these wide skis are heavy and over-damp, much more made for long turns at high speeds. The Big Stix definitely wins hands down in the category for skiing steeps and making shorter turns. One of our testers noted “I had to look down to remember I had a fat ski on- thing feels like a bump ski.” These boards are fun, versatile and a great choice for the expert Mammoth skier looking for one ski to do it all.
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[ January 27, 2003, 03:16 PM: Message edited by: bearberry ]
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I spent three day in a row on my new big stix 84's in 180cm. Copper on hard snow they felt fast and grabby at the tip due to not having them detuned. In some newer softer snow they totally smoothed out. Bumps were fairly easy.

The next day at Winter Park in 6 to 8 inches of untracked they rocked. They are a new experience in speed to be honest, cuz they love to go. But so smooth and turny and light feeling underfoot. An awesome fun day.

The next day was still at Winter Park but the snow had been skied up and had stiffened up a bit. In some untracked stiff they really plowed through. Still felt sure underfoot and easy and predictable.

My knees hurt from the work I was doing the previous day so I hit some groomers. Damn. I have never skied so fast with so much comfort and control. Letting these babies run is so much easier than trying to hold them back.

I am pondering these things in the 175. I still own a pair of 186 cm big stix I need to sell. And to think about buying another pair...but hey, I can't find them to demo and dropping down one size to the 180 really made them more versatile. Yet still they feel big at speed. Yet still so turny and light.

Hard to define.

In two weeks I hit Berthoud Pass for a day of cat sking and these things sould eat it up like candy.
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Thanks Astro Monkey. So far not an unpleasant word about these skis.... Does this mean emptying the piggy bank AGAIN??? Look, Salomon, or Marker bindings.... Hmmmmm.... To lifter or not to lifter? Bumps, tight trees, soft snow.... No lifter.

How much thought can be wasted on these things?
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