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sunshine or marmot?

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Hello there everyone, I'm thinking of heading to the mountains on thursday for a day or 2, just wondering if anyone can give impressions of how the skiing is. jasaper and banff are about the same distance for me, so Id rather go wherever has better conditions. and while im at it, what about kicking horse? never gone there so any info is appreciated.
Thanks a lot!
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Haven't been to Marmot this year, but from what I've seen posted about it, Sunshine is in better shape. Sunshine is pretty good right now. The backside of the Lake is in good shape too for this time of year, if you like the harder stuff. Kicking Horse isn't open yet.
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I was up in Jasper this week (didn't ski) but word is it's pretty good. They got 30cm last week and didn't get all the warm weather we got. As well they just opened last week and the numbers are WAY smaller than SSV. Me thinks it must be in better shape then either Banff hill.
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I was at marmot opening day Nov 25. It was rough. They did get a really good dump on Friday night, all day Sat hard. Frikin frakin freakin frak. DOH!

This should have slapped a good cover on. Since then they really haven't gotten much.

SSV was way better condition Nov 10, but I am not sure of their snow fall since then. From L7's post I assume they got some warm weather which could turn that place nasty without fresh snow.

I think either would be okay at best, SSV likely better. If Kicking Horse is open by Thurs I would hit there, Fresh everywhere (even if sketchy underneath) beats stomped out okay. or go where the most fresh has fallen.

you Edm. ?
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KH is still saying they aren't opening until the 16th, although it looks like they have been getting pretty good dumps. Sunshine has bounced back from the warm weather and the base is back over 80 cm. Goat's Eye lift is running, although I suspect the number of runs are fairly limited. Marmot doesn't appear to have had much snow for the past week and the Knob chair isn't open yet.

My guess is that Sunshine would probably be your best bet.
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Golden had plus temps. the last couple days , upper bowls are going to be fair according to locals running the cats , lower is going to be questionable.
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thanks for the info gang, appreciate it. guess I'll just have to see what the weather does over the next couple days. Im in fort mac, originally from edmonton. sort of a long drive for 2 days of maybe not so hot skiing but i just wanna get out there already...
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Heading up to Sunshine tomorrow--report coming

I'm planning on going to Sunshine tomorrow (assuming I can drag my carcase out of bed early in the morning). If so, I will post a short report.
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good luck -30 in town right now ......
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Ouch -30, were only -20 in Edm. I wish it would get to -30 it's good for buisness. This mamsy pamsy weather is for the birds, give me cold and hard it's just like winnin the lotto.
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Going to the Lake tomorrow. Sister seems to think I should keep tabs on the nephew in the NorAm. He's done one before it'll be good. He'll probably be whining about me taking a jacket for him or something. Then next thing I'll end up with one of Cookie's 150 lb packs or something. I see it all going bad at minus 30
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No TR--didn't make it out of town

No insight on Sunshine--I spent about 11 hours in emergency with my wife last night and we didn't get home until just about the time I would have been leaving for the mountains. As people have said it's pretty darn cold, but on the bright side it will keep the crowds away.
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Hope all is well with your wife. I know what emergency rooms and the wife is about. Always a scary time.
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L7: just wear the moderatly gay puffy.....
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