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Instructor wages - Austria

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Hi. Not sure if this is the right place to post my question, so apologies in advance if I've gotten in wrong. Does anyone have any insight into approximate wages for instructors in Austria? Obviously many variables come into play, but it would be nice to have a starting point for upcoming discussions re high season job. If it helps, I'm French/English bilingual, with 7-8 years teaching in both languages throughout Canada, Level 3/Level 1 freestyle qualified, including evaluator (instructor trainer) experience.

Thanks in advance.
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Contact my friend

Hey Perogi,

My friend Rupert Winkler was born in Austria,
taught and coached racing there for many
years, and still has great connections-- although
he's moved to Australia with his wife.

Please contact him at rmwinkler@bigpond.com
and tell him I gave you his e-mail address.
He's usually slow to respond, but I think he
will talk to you about it as a favor to me.

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...and he runs the best ski shop in Canberra!
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