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Snow at Stowe!!!

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Saturday, December 3, 2005, 10:00 a.m.

Stowe Mountain Resort

Trails open: 41
Miles open: 25 of 39
Base temp: 17 degrees F.
New snow in last 24 hrs: 14-20"
Primary surface: Powder
Secondary surface: Packed Powder (actually!)
Lifts open: 6
Base depth: 16"-32"
Summit temp: 7 degrees
Forecast at noon: 10 (to) and 20 (base)

Y'all come to ESA East Weekend!
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I'm there Oboe! Maybe Nolo or any of the other organizers can post us a complete list of confirmed attendees. After all, two weeks from today we should be looking at our videos . I am very much looking forward to this weekend and now that Ullr seems to be gracious enough to assist us, is even more of a plus.

Thanks All!
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Ah, Stowe has NEVER dissapointed me.
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No question, Stowe got the best of it. Check out the latest on their website.

This is a very encouraging start, and I feel like I'm alive again. Same skier, same skis - new boots. Loved it.
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The website says 24" since Friday!!!

Ullr is inviting y'all to Stowe, Dec. 17-18!
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I've just been out waxing my skis.

But no, I'm NOT bringing the pistols.
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attn RI, MA bears

A bit of a related discovery...

for any of the southeastern new england bears who would like to visit Stowe(and perhaps spy on the eastern gathering?) New England Action Sports will be visiting Stowe Saturday Dec 17 on it's regularly scheduled bus trip....

I will be in Philadelphia that weekend retrieving youngster no 1 from college so unfortunately I am out

In the interest of always fully disclosing, I used to guide NEAS tours but have retired from that task. This is information only no benefit to me.

That said, these trips are the best in the business IMO. Steve and Annette Miller run a clean tight ship. The bus ride and ticket are always cheaper than buying a ticket yourself at the window....amazing value. Stowe is fabulous BTW. Warning this trip will leave very early, Stowe is a long drive from Warwick. No worries tho, you can sleep on the bus

visit www.skitrip.net
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