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Atomic 10.20 v. 11.20/ski size

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I was wondering if anyone had any comments or opinions regarding the atomic 10.20 and the 11.20. I'm 5'8" and weigh 155lbs. I'm probably about a level 8, aspiring to be expert. Probably spend about 60% of my time on the groomed runs. The guy at the shop suggested that I go with the 10.20 in a 170 as I am on the lighter side. I ski a dynastar S9 195 right now. The 170 seems little short. Any thoughts? Should I go with the 11.20's or will they too much ski for someone my size and skill level. Any comments would help.

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It really comes to personal preference and where you ski, but just to put it inperspective: I am 5'7" and 140 and i ski on 179cm xscreams which are about the same stiffness as this years 10.20 (im guessing). If i were going to ski either the 11.20 i would ski it in a 180 because i prefer the extra length for freeriding. If i were getting the ski for skiing on groomed trails i would get the 170, but being that you weigh 155 pounds you should be able to easily ski a 180.
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I'm about your height and weight, a similar level,and also in So Cal. I demoed the 11.20 and 10.20 last week at Snow Summit. (My impressions are posted in the Gear Review forum).

As far as length goes...
The 180cm 11.20 seemed a bit too stiff for me, though they were still fairly easy to handle. But I don't want to drop down to a 170.

The 180cm 10.20 seemed to be the perfect length. The 180s felt good making any size turn at a wide variety of speeds.
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I'm 5'11" at 140#s, and I ski the 10.20 at 180cm. It takes a little speed for me to be able to flex the ski properly, but this is the right size for me. Great ski at insane speeds on groomers. Good float in the bowls and woods. I highly recommend them. Don't know jack about the 11.20.
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Never tried 11.20. I am 5'6" 160#
Demoed 190cm 10.20 & loved it. Last years.
Currently on 9.22 & 9.20 race- both 190cm.
Sure, 180 would be fine. I Just like the extra float & stability.
If ATOMIC would listen to the consumer, they would come in 5cm increments.
I would then choose 185cm.
I could not imagine a 170 in anything but slalom race.
I am probably the wrong guy to speak of ski length as I'm sure other posts will dictate.
Did you demo both skis & lengths?
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Either ski will work for you, but I would suggest you go 10cm shorter with the 11.20 from the 10.20. The reason? The 11 is much more aggressive ski at the same length as the 10. The 10 is great for expert ability too, just a bit easier to ski overall.

Your height/weight/ability/terrain points you to a 180cm 10.20. Of course it is up to you to decide the ideal ski by demoing both models in both 170 and 180 lengths.
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