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I'm 6'0 150 and a level seven skiier. I ski mostly hardpack in the east and the occasional "eastern" powder day hen it comes. I loved these skis so much. They were the greatest skis that I have ever skiied. There was only one trail open at Wildcat when I skiied this and it was their racing trail so that might have been a reason why they performed so well. Then later in the day though, a second trail opened up and it was ungroomed with a ton of whale backs on it and packed powder conditions. After about an hour the trail was basically moguls and these skis performed great. Th first thought anybody would have is that these are race skis and they wouldn't handle crud or moguls all that well, but they handled them better than, I think, the Metron B:5's!!! The metron's are heavier skis and I think that makes them a little less manuverable especially in moguls. Since the ST:11's had such a wide shovel in the front they rodelike a dream. These aren't only race skis, they are all mountain skis. It's true that skis like this only come around once in a blue moon.