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Is it the right size for me? (1080 twin tip)

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Hi all, this is my first post and hope you guys don't mind helping me out with 1080 twintip

Please let me introduce a bit of myself. I am 5'6" and weight vary around 150~160 pounds. I have been skiing for 5 years (~40 times) with my 167cm k2 escape 3500. I consider myself as aggressive skier but low on stamina. Well, I started to enjoy sking in terrain park since last 2 years but I don't do very well with landing, rail sliding and all the tricks. So lastweek, I bought a salomon 1080 171cm but I am worried that if it is going to be too long for me. I was thinking about returning it back to the store and get the 161cm one.

It would be nice if anyone could advice me..oh and sorry for my english as it is not my first language. Appreciate for anyhelp. Thanks.

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no no no! the 171 is by no means too long for you. you couild actually ski it longer. but not shorter!
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The 171cm 1080 is a good size for you unless you like to ski shorter lengths. The 1080s ski shorter than their length due to the twin-tip and moderate flex.
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As time goes on, you'll probably actually find yourself wishing you'd gone longer- I still wish every single day I go out that I'd gotten my Public Enemies in 179 instead of 169.
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Thanks for all the inputs. I will keep the 171 cm with me and going to mount it with S920 ti binding next week. I will probably hit the slope around the end of this month due to the exams.
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I'm 5'7" 170 and ski the 1080s in 171.

The ski is too soft to ski short.

All my other stiffer hardpack skis are 160-162.
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Well, Will it be much different between 161cm and 171cm 1080. I have never try anything shorter than 167 and I never ski in twin tips before. I have search through the net and found out that most people who has about same build as me, thier skies size are around 160-165cm.

It is kinda hard for me to choose between 161 and 171. I wish I could do the demos first before I buy.

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My wife has the 161s and I think they would be too short for me.

I'm a big supporter of "go as short as you can" but I still chose the 171s.
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