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5-10, 185, 36 years

Good skier, probably a 7, like to ski off-piste whenever possible. Grew up on East Coast, live there now (mostly ski Sugarloaf and Wildcat), but spent 4 years in Colorado (loved the chair off to the left at Copper, Vail bowls, woods in the back of Keystone--stuff that challenges me, always looking for stuff that hasn't been skied out). Spoiled there, and I don't ski nearly as much anymore (10 times last year). I've been skiing for a long time, and can ski anything, though often with limited grace. Grew up a hockey player, and only skied a few times a year, and developed some bad habits that I'm probbaly still trying to shake. I admit to some issues, i.e., skis getting ahead of me in powder/bumps, or just riding them a bit, if that makes sense. A tendency to sit back too much?

Anyway, I've been 5-6 seasons on Volkl Carver Ultras. Like them, as far as i can tell. Here's the deal: Heading out to Utah this winter, and want to have a great trip, even if I sacrifice something on the ice here or hold onto the Volkls for icy days here.

Been obsessively reading this forum for days, trying to figure out what to get. Stared out thinking Volkl 5*, and have since considered a host of skis. I like the idea of the "All-Mountain Short Turners," especially those that "are bridging the gap between free ride skis and a typical slalom carver ski, as they fall into both categories," as heluvaskier says, but I want something a little more powder-friendly than skis that are, as he also says, "quickly becoming the rule for groomed trail skiing - especially in the east." One of the reasons I don't ski as much here is that I don't much dig GS-ing (or even tight turns) on the groomers. I'd like to try something a little bit wider and a little bit shorter, with some forgiveness, to build confidence in the woods when I'm here in the east and improve in the powder out west.

Just got my wife, who's very technicallly sound but not too aggressive, some 2004-05 Volkl 724 EXT Gammas, for $359 after a lot of bargain-hunting, and I want to keep the price in that range, hopefully for a new 2004-05 or 2003-04 ski. Heck, mine are from 1999, if I remember correctly, so that should be a major step, and I love a good deal.

Saw some Dynastar Legend 4800s on, which sound like a good deal, but they're not the same as the ones reviewed in Ski Magazine or sold on REI. Like the sound of a lot of the Metrons you folks talk about, but they sound so narrow. Cupulo also has the Volkl P60 custom, and some other bargains, it seems.

Anyway, I'm more confused than ever after spending time here, and looking for a good deal on a ski that will help me enjoy Utah and maybe get a little better out there, with a lesson or two to start out the trip. Willing to keep my Volkls for Sugarloaf, if I need to, to try a mid-fat, etc.